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Let Me Tell You About My Best Friend

Business Owners and Their Fur Babies

Article by Jennifer Bennhoff

Photography by Provided

Originally published in Franklin Lifestyle

Lisa Culp Taylor, Realtor and Team Leader at LCT Team - Parks Realty in Franklin, with her dogs Little Man and Betsy Bug

“These are my sweet dogs,” says Lisa, “but we also have seven feral cats who we feed at our office – Parks Realty – in downtown Franklin. Three of our cats have been coming daily for about six years and the others come and go. Although we can’t pet them, we do our best to take great care of these kitties and feed them. We have been able to have some of the cats spayed or neutered, and others were already spayed or neutered, and we make sure they stay healthy and are well fed!” 
Lisa is a Middle Tennessee native and second-generation realtor who grew up accompanying her father to model homes and open houses. She has over twenty seven years experience and approximately $500 million in sales. A devoted animal lover, she supports several charities that help animals, including Snooty Giggles Dog Rescue. “Both of my pups are rescues from Snooty Giggles, the best rescue organization ever!,” says Lisa. “They rescue all kinds of dogs and various animals, but they specialize in rescuing senior and special needs dogs.” Betsy Bug, a black Shih Ttzu mix, loves to patrol her yard and greet the neighbors walking by. Little Man is a white Bichon Frise/Poodle mix. He is blind, and he and his siblings have been blind since birth. “Little is a couch potato so he is all about cuddling,” Lisa says. “Both dogs love to come to work with me and are frequent visitors. They enjoy getting treats and
playing with their friends in the office.” Besides being mom to Bug and Little, Lisa occasionally fosters dogs who are waiting for their forever families in her Franklin home. To learn more about her real estate team or her four-legged friends, visit  
For more information about Snooty Giggles Dog Rescue,

Scout Turner and Dylan Ritter, Owners of CertaPro Painters of Nashville and Middle Tennessee, with their dogs Wallen, Cash and Whitley

Scout and Dylan grew up near each other in Murfreesboro and always dreamed of owning their own businesses. They bought the local CertaPro Painters franchise in 2021 and are about to open six new area franchises in the beauty industry (“more to come on those soon!”). They’re a couple who loves to work hard and play hard together, taking time to travel, golf, and sample fine restaurants around the Nashville area. They currently live in West Nashville, near Hillwood, with their three dogs. “Wallen is a Bernese Mountain Dog and at one and-a-half years old, she is our youngest dog. She loves going to work with her parents every day and is the best girl ever,” says Scout. Cash, an English Shepherd/Pyrenees, is their middle dog at seven years old. “He’s our adventurer and protector, and he loves the cheese snacks he gets with his medicine every morning.” Their German Shepherd mix, Whitley, is eight years old and the most chill. He holds the title of “Best Dog in the World.” And in case you’re wondering, yes, the couple loves country music! Dylan and Scout adopted Whitley when they were in college and he was three months old. “He has been through it all with us,” says Scout. “Both Whitley and Cash were ring bearers in our wedding and walked up the aisle
before me. We had sketches of them on our cups and napkins!” Wallen came from a family in Dickson. She’s their office mascot and boss dog and the face of CertaPro Painters, appearing on their website. Cash was born at Scout’s dad’s farm in Woodbury – part of an “accidental litter, but a happy accident at that!” When this fun family isn’t working or traveling, they go to “grandma’s house” - Scout’s parents’ home - on Tim’s Ford Lake for swimming and romping in the yard. For more information
about their painting business, visit

Jennifer Bickerstaff, Realtor and Broker with Compass Real Estate with her dogs Gertrude Grace, Idabelle and Hazel Ann

Memphis native Jennifer Bickerstaff grew up in North Mississippi, became an RN and then got her real estate license 26 years ago. “I love change and I love new homes,” she says. “I’ve moved eight times in the 21 years I’ve lived in Franklin!” She ran a real estate company in Leipers Fork and has helped hundreds of families through the various stages of selling and buying new homes. Jennifer now has her own team at Franklin’s Compass Real Estate and specializes in new construction. Currently, she lives near downtown with her senior chihuahua, Idabelle, a two year-old shihpoo named Gertie Girl, and a mini golden doodle puppy, Hazel Ann
(aka “Hay Hay”). “Idabelle came from an amazing nonprofit rescue group called Snooty Giggles,” Jennifer says. "I had another rescue pup named Fletcher who had to have brain surgery, and he needed a support friend. Idabelle became his service dog.
Fletcher passed away unexpectedly from a seizure in 2021, and Idabelle was lonely, so I found her a sister, Gertie, from a Tennessee breeder called Kathy’s Cavapoos. Jan Womack there was a joy to work with. I’m an advocate for rescuing
pets, but after visiting Jan and seeing how much she loves her animals, I couldn’t come home without Gertie!”
Gertie was initially “too much puppy” for little Idabelle, so when Jennifer saw Hazel Ann’s breeder on Tik-Tok, she knew she had found the perfect little sister for her pooch family. “Yes, I found her on Tik-Tok Live, but I promise I am not crazy!” says Jennifer. A
flight nanny delivered Hazel from Utah to Nashville on Memorial Day of 2022. “In a fun coincidence, the breeder and her husband are moving to Tennessee. They recently visited my home and Hazel actually remembered them. It brought tears to our eyes!”
Jennifer and her furry pals can be seen most evenings driving around town in her white Jeep. “It doesn’t matter what is going on with my real estate business, the dogs will not let me rest until we’ve had our Jeep ride. They know what time we usually go and they will remind me, let’s go for a ride!” For more information about Jennifer and her real estate team, visit

  • Lisa with Little Man and Betsy Bug
  • Scout and Dylan with Wallen, Cash and Whitley
  • Jennifer with her dogs Gertrude Grace, Idabelle and Hazel Ann /Photo by Jennifer Bennhoff