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House of Colour's highly personalized services

House of Colour Austin-Avery Ranch wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the pandemic. A speech-language pathologist by trade, Carolyn Rector loved her career but needed a reset. She had always loved fashion and styling for fun, so when she saw the opportunity to start up a local franchise of House of Colour, she jumped on it.

Rector went through intensive training, where she found out just how bespoke Color and Style Analysis is. It’s about body architecture and geometrics, personality and lifestyle, and functionality and authenticity.

“Since getting my colors done and being really conscious about what I do wear, I’ve noticed that people are complimenting me more. Really, I haven’t done anything other than wear clothes and makeup that are my best color palette,” says Chrysty Lockhart in her podcast Start Scared after experiencing Rector’s services. “It’s been so eye-opening and so empowering.”

In the past two years of owning House of Colour Austin-Avery Ranch, Rector has driven home to her clients that when you look good, you feel good. Because we only have five to seven seconds to make a first impression, it’s important to know how you want to be perceived. With science-based Color and Style Analysis, you make the right impression.

While her first time behind the chair during training was intimidating, Rector has become confident in her tried and true services. Each client walks out of her studio with a heightened sense of who they are as an individual.

“My advice is to invest in yourself, regardless of the time of year. Invest in Color and Style Analysis, where the sole purpose is to enhance an individual's natural beauty, not transform or remodel what makes you, you,” says Rector. “I'll help you discover how to shop smarter, spend wiser, and have fewer items in your closet—items you absolutely love and wear on repeat.”

Follow Carolyn Rector on Instagram @hoc.austin.averyranch or book a service online at hocaustinaveryranch.square.site.

Carolyn Rector

Stylist Insight

1/ Season

House of Colour concludes whether you are a summer, spring, autumn, or winter. This is based on the genetic undertones of your skin. Your season never changes as you age.

2/ Makeup

The key to a great look is wearing makeup in precise shades. During Color Analysis, determine which lipsticks balance your features, making your eyes brighter and teeth appear whiter.

3/ Body Type

House of Colour liberates you in the dressing room. Between your vertical measurements and bust-to-hip ratio, discover how proportion and balance are created. You can’t put a straight line on a curve!

4/ Clothes

Expect to discuss prints, dress lengths, and types of jeans during your Style Analysis. But also expect to dig into your unique lifestyle because personal factors go into establishing a wardrobe.

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