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Photo Archive Day

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Advice Editorial: Inspiration For Mother/Daughter DIY Day

An afternoon spent together is priceless with today's busy schedules. Instead of going out, staying in can provide quaint, quiet one-on-one time for a mother and daughter (or multiple daughters). Finding time on calendars is the hard part, and filling that time is all fun from there. Here are a few favorite ideas for inspiration that may spark excitement for planning those special times together.

Photo Archive Day

Printed photos are often stored in boxes or tubs with little organization. Perhaps you have photos of your own, or even a grandparent who has passed, that need an organization overhaul. While these projects can be daunting, 'many hands make light work.' Group the photos by decade and file them in order. Consider purchasing a photo scanner to digitize the files for future generations. Photo organization always brings storytelling, laughter and warm memories. 

Charm Necklaces

Custom DIY charm necklaces and bracelets are trending. Gather a theme idea: birthstones, family initials, travels or even favorite hobbies, and procure charms from your local craft store or online shop. Selecting charms for each other also could be a fun way to bring delight to the crafting occasion. Necklaces and bracelets can be made for each other, or as future gifts for upcoming occasions such as a family wedding, a birthday milestone or an anniversary. 

Meal Prep

Text conversations around kitchen tips or ingredient procurement seem endless. Spend some time together in the kitchen preparing favorite family recipes, sharing Mom's best tips and tricks. Choosing freezer-friendly meals is a great way to walk away with meals for upcoming busy days. There's nothing like Mom's recipes!

Interview Journaling

Storytelling makes for the best memories. Structure memory recall by filming or journaling interview-style question-and-answer sessions, cataloging information for future generations. Videos and notes with detailed family adventures are priceless, and we all always wish we had more of them.


Mel has lived in St. Louis for 13 years, and loves staying in, just as much as exploring local. When she's not in St. Louis, she's traveling the world, road tripping with her dog or visiting friends and family in the Chicagoland area. 

  • Photo Archive Day
  • Meal Prep
  • Meal Prep
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