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Let's Pack a Picnic

Four items you can't forget when packing your perfect summer picnic, from Melissa McDonald

Article by Christi Norris

Photography by Taryn Ashlee Photography

Originally published in Greeley Lifestyle

Melissa McDonald, local State Farm Insurance agent, spends her days working closely with community members. McDonald loves to have picnics as a change from the norm and a way to get their whole family involved in the process and experience of having a meal together.

“My favorite thing about picnics is just being in nature. Enjoying the soft grass, listening to the wind in the trees, and smelling the beautiful flowers and trees that surround you. It’s quality time with loved ones without the distractions of phones, email, or work. It’s a reminder that it’s important to slow down and enjoy those moments.”

According to McDonald, sandwiches are the basis for any good picnic. They are easy to transport and easy for anyone, including kids to make and eat. Beyond their packability, there are dozens of types of sandwiches which gives each family member room to be picky about what they put in their own sandwich. Watermelon is another summer picnic staple, a few slices each is all you need to truly embrace the summer feeling. The third essential food item for a family picnic is potato salad. Like watermelon, potato salad is a classic picnic side and it is easy to make and pack. A fun family picnic would not be complete without lemonade, or if you’re going on an adults-only picnic- a great bottle of wine. Lemonade is something people of all ages love, and pairs perfectly with your sandwiches, watermelon, and potato salad to create that classic summer feel. “We have picnicked in various situations,” McDonald said. “Whether it’s back of tailgate after helping friends bale hay, off of a hiking trail in the mountains or something more planned like picnicking at a park, nature area or lake to take our 2 labs to sit down for a meal together and play ball or frisbee with them.” Greeley’s long summer days provide the perfect opportunity for a simple picnic with your family no matter the hour.

Recommend Picnic Items



Potato Salad


  • Sandwich
  • Watermelon
  • Potato Salad
  • Lemonade

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