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Lettuce Change Your Mind About Produce

A Mission of Love

Stefano and Vitina Feo had no idea when they started the journey of importing extra virgin olive oil straight from their family farm in Italy to America that it would change their lives and the lives of others, forever; but it did. For over 20 years the couple has called Baldwin County home, traveling all over the United States to educate, market, and sell their precious commodities. Last year, the couple who regularly frequented the Coastal Alabama Farmers Market for local produce had a chance encounter that would ultimately shift their business in a direction the couple had never imagined. The couple procured a hydroponic farm and began growing lettuce as novice farmers. While they admit the learning curve has been steep, they are now capable of growing 6,000 heads of lettuce per month at their Loxley, AL location. Customers began pairing the fresh, clean, and local lettuce with their olive oil and magic began to happen. Sales for their locally grown lettuce weren't the only thing skyrocketing. The couple began selling their oils, pastas, and Italy based whole food products on Amazon and watched the world respond. Review after review, the couple realized that customers were increasingly interested in high quality food and food products. Their goal in 2023 is to expand and meet the demand of locally needed farm fresh produce. Bridging the gap of farm to table is their way of giving back to the community and connecting others. The high standards that the dynamic duo have for their Lettuce Heads operation is simple. "Our produce is non-gmo, no pesticides, no herbicides, and nutrient dense. We live by the rule of whatever we do, we strive to do it excellently. We want to serve our community by giving the best. To really love something or someone is to know that when you give your best you are serving others, when you give something that is mediocre, you're being selfish. We know how important our health and healthy whole foods are, it's what we live by, and it's what we want to share with others. Health starts at home with food." The Lettuce Heads Farm produce can be found weekly at the Coastal Alabama Farmers Market. Customers may also pick up from their Gulf Shores office. For more info visit them on the web.