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Teacher, business owner, Nuggets fan, and the writer for this magazine!

Article by Libby Furns

Photography by Libby Furns

Originally published in Arvada Lifestyle

Meet: The one who does all the writing for this magazine!

Know: She is, unapologetically, kissing her dog in this picture.

Feel: Her love and passion for people and plants.

Understand: She works with high school students all day, so love on her.

Arvada Readers, Hello! Let me finally introduce myself!

I am a teacher, a small business owner, a lover of spicy bloody marys, and your Editorial Coordinator! I’m a lover of Shitt’s Creek, and I’m a disaster in the kitchen-unless my only responsibility is grilled cheese. I can’t get enough of my Chiweenie Drake, and

if it were up to me, brunching and the NFL would be prioritized so hard that all things would be closed on Mondays.

I’ve lived in Colorado all my life, in various neighborhoods, and here’s what I have learned about making your home the happiest.

20 Ideas for a Happy Home

  1. Make your bed.

  2. Sit on your porch steps with a cup of coffee and without your phone.

  3. Trust that Sundays are meant for bubble baths.

  4. Listen to Bon Iver while you ease into your day.

  5. Post a gratitude list on your fridge.

  6. Sleep with a weighted blanket.

  7. Sit with loved ones at dinner, and always eat dessert.

  8. Hug someone in your household each day.

  9. Plants, plants, plants! Everywhere!

  10. Have breakfast for dinner.

  11. Open the blinds every day. 

  12. Squeeze your dog. If you don’t have a dog, get one.

  13. Move your rugs once a month.

  14. Pick one room to be lit by an oil diffuser.

  15. Buy new, fluffy down pillows.

  16. Keep a Buddha.

  17. Use coasters.

  18. Move your standing mirrors.

  19. Keep a bottle of sparkling rose on hand for an excuse to celebrate anything.

  20. Take care of your plants!

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