Life Coach Tells All in The Name of Love

Understanding healthy love exists when you're able to attract it

Cara Alwill is a bestselling author, life coach, and speaker who encourages women to celebrate themselves and make their happiness a priority, always.

The standout entrepreneur runs the popular blog, The Champagne Diet, and hosts a top-rated podcast, Style Your Mind, for success-driven women touted by media outlets including Forbes and Oprah Daily, where she speaks directly to women looking to build amazing lives and careers.

Finding herself newly single after being in a relationship for 11 years, Cara has been researching what healthy relationships are made of, sharing her expertise with her large following.

“I went through a very amicable divorce recently,” Cara said. “My ex-husband and I are best friends, and I genuinely want the best for him. If you choose to see the good from your experiences, you can learn to grow a different part of yourself, which is what I’m focusing on teaching my clients right now.”

After reading the acclaimed self-improvement book, "The Secret," Cara understood she had the power to transform her own life, realizing she wanted to help women like her succeed.

This led to her pursuit of becoming a professionally certified life coach, holding various accreditation degrees within the life coaching and wellness spaces, which she has obtained now for over a decade.

For anyone feeling stuck (in their careers or personal lives), she advises her audience to create a vision for the life they want, down to how you spend your days, by utilizing her confidence-building tactics.

“Write about it from a place of raw honesty — without your parents’ voices or your husbands’,” she says. “The second thing to do is find an empowering person to follow — someone you really admire who nourishes your soul. Finally, commit to one small goal every single day, like creating a morning mantra.”

When it comes to relationships, she emphasizes that cultivating healthy relationships is a two-way street, as oftentimes we are quick to point fingers at our partners without first looking at ourselves.

“If you want peace and happiness in your relationship, are you showing up that way?” She challenges. “Healthy love does exist. But you have to first become who you want to attract.”

She continued, “If you’re looking for a partner who is loving, spiritual, and works out, you better make sure you’re doing that as well. You have to be clear about what you want, and also be mindful of how you speak about relationships to your friends and colleagues.”

She introduces the concept of knowing what your core values are in a relationship, an exercise typically reserved for branding and business building, by encouraging her clients to write their ideal vision of a relationship down on paper.

Giving a personal example that one of her core values is freedom, Cara affirms she “needs a relationship that gives her that freedom.”

“As therapists and coaches, we’re trained to not be biased,” she declares. “Not judging yourself is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself as a human. This is important for women, especially.”

As for Valentine’s Day, Cara believes in celebrating love in any way, not just the traditional “Treat your significant other” by taking them out to dinner — whether that’s spending time with your nephew, your girlfriends, or even taking the day to celebrate yourself.

Cara is currently working on a dating and relationship book (her 10th book, stay tuned), as well as creating more programs for women to fall more in love with their lives.

You can keep up with Cara by subscribing to her podcast.


PODCAST: Style Your Mind

IG: @thechampagnediet

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