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Breakthroughs With Life Coach

Men Learning To Balance Work, Life, Family, Relationships

As a self-proclaimed student of life, Nashville-based personal and professional development coach, Isabele Lodygensky, assists others with restoring and sustaining mental and emotional well-being. Specifically, she leads individuals, corporations, schools and organizations through gaining empowerment and essential leadership skills.

Isabele's business sectors — Perform Better, which is for executive clients, and The Mindful School of Nashville, which is applied for clients in education — are offerings that represent a unified mission: contribute to personal and professional growth while exceeding expectations in revenue and organizational efficiencies. This transformational mentor is considered an educator, executive coach, emotional intelligence speaker and mental coach all-in-one. More than 70% of her executive clients are males, she adds. 

"When people ask me what I do, I let them know that I'm a performance and leadership coach, and that my work is neuroscience-based. After years of studying mindfulness and leadership, I've put together a set of tools that are applicable to all people, in all settings, at every stage of life," she says. 

Isabele says she especially focuses on one dimension of leadership: the leader within oneself. 

"Leadership to me is how you show up for life one moment at a time. It's how you experience yourself from within, and how others experience you," she explains. "Most times, when I ask a client to tell me about themselves during our first encounter, the answer is 50 minutes of what they do."

Given those frequent occurrences, Isabele says she sees many people who unfortunately have lost a real and deep connection with the essence of who they are and what they stand for in life. The intentionality and purpose by which they live each day is lost. "There's so much 'doing' that they forget to pay attention to who is doing it. Life becomes reactive, connections are lost and the limbic system is activated at all times without any resets during the day."

Awareness of the self and self-regulation is the foundation of her work, she confirms. "From there, we explore each person's journey from a different set of soft skills, inner resilience and clarity of mind.”

She says that as for her clients and the men she serves, it gratifies her to see true leaders doing amazing work in the local community. She adds, "They wake up each day committed to being a better version of themselves, and impact others to live the same way. It's inspiring because it goes against the male nature to go inward and deep."

A native Brazilian from a Russian father and a French mother, Isabele says she arrived in the United States through a Division 1 golf scholarship. Her subsequent, professional world took various paths into finances, international business and marketing, parenting, education, finally evolving into creating her own brand in coaching, public speaking and leadership in various countries around the world. Related to her work, she's fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Golf was, but also remains, an integral part of Isabele's life in that some of her clients also are golfers and they easily engage in discussions through that sport's common language. "The lessons I myself learned over time all came from golf, such as life skills, discipline, hard work, commitment, concentration, perseverance, patience, practice and resilience," she explains. 

Just like in rounds of golf, Isabele promotes clarity while helping men, women and teenagers to self-regulate and identify the best ways to focus on chosen objectives. 

One of Isabele's clients recently described her as being one of the most centered people they know, and that her way of approaching problems and life in general is rational, pragmatic and above all, calm. "Her composure, thoughtful and mindful approach, in addition to her ability to flex and understand where others come from, make her a role model for those who interact and learn from her," stated this executive. 

Isabele practices what she preaches, too. Calling herself “an extreme introvert," Isabele admits that after spending hours around others daily, she needs a quiet space to reset her mind and heart. "My work requires that I show up whole, and for this, it requires self discipline to recover and reset each day. I go inward a lot. I appreciate listening to silence."

While she shares that her heart is quiet and protected, her mind is always open in search of a new experience and opportunity. "Nashville is where I live, where my children are. It's a community I appreciate. Good has happened here. The world is where I go for wisdom, for insight to then bring it all back and continue to impact others through these experiences."

One common challenge of executives, which may cause stall outs and the inability to reach personal growth and achievements, is a subconscious chasing of personal and professional fulfillment without clear or definite purposes. Isabele says it's an honor to guide each client in their inner journeys. From a place of vulnerability, she says they come to the other side stronger, centered and leaders beyond what they do, but in the essence of who they are.

“It all starts and ends with people. From personal interactions to company culture to productivity and capacity to impact the bottom line," says Isabele. "This is my work: I leave people and places better than I found them. My clients appreciate the connection between their personal growth along with the professional impact this work has in various aspects of their lives.”



Executives desire someone to talk to who doesn’t just listen, but helps them move forward in life. Life coach Isabele Lodygensky enjoys assisting people one person, one team at a time. "There's always room to perform better."