Life is Fragile

Prepare now for the potential of unexpected consequences.

Covid 19 has had a devastating impact on people personally and professionally.  There isn’t an individual, business or community that has not been touched by this virus. Globally, the pandemic has led to prolonged illness and the dramatic loss of human life. Outside of the emotional toll Covid has taken, there has also been a financial impact on those suffering from illnesses and those lives claimed by the virus. One thing that the Covid 19 virus has taught us is that life is fragile and it’s more important now than ever to prepare for the unexpected consequences. Let's face it, no one really wants to think about life insurance, much less pay for it, but if anyone depends on you financially, it’s a topic that really shouldn't be avoided. 

Life changes and priorities shift, but one thing stays the same—how important family is and our desire to protect them. That’s why protecting our families financially is key.  Covid may be here to stay but in the meantime, we have to focus on staying safe, loving our families and living each moment to the fullest.      

Why buy life insurance? 

To protect the ones that we love. It's that simple. If someone depends on you financially, that responsibility needs to continue. It is in the best interest of your loved ones to have life insurance. 

What does life insurance cover and how does is pay out? 

Life insurance provides cash to your family or loved ones after your death. This cash, known as the death benefit, replaces income.  Your family can use this cash to pay for expenses like funeral costs, a mortgage, college tuition, overall living costs and more. The life insurance payout is usually a lump sum paid to beneficiaries.  A claim is filed with the insurer and benefits are normally paid within 30 to 60 days.  

Can I qualify for life insurance if I get Covid 19?  Generally yes.  However, companies have different underwriting guidelines as it relates to Covid 19.  If you have questions, I can help. Or, contact or your local insurance agent for more information.   

Can a life claim be denied if I die from Covid 19?

There has been a lot of misinformation about insurance companies not paying claims.  Life insurance companies generally can only deny a death benefit if there was a misrepresentation when the original policy was taken out.  The first two years of a policy are contestable.  



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