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Making a Difference with Life Lyrics Music Therapy

Everyone has a story: find joy in strengthening relationships and communicating through music

Laura Joy Florio is not only the Founder of Life Lyrics Music Therapy, LLC, she is a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist, Board Certified Music Therapist and Greenwich native who found her passion for music at a very young age. Throughout her childhood, Laura played instruments, sang in choirs and had a strong affinity for helping others, which led her to discover that music therapy was the perfect career to continue doing what she has always loved. Laura recognized the power of music while working with young children and children with disabilities and decided the ultimate goal would be to open her own practice one day.

Describe Life Lyrics Music Therapy.

Life Lyrics is a private music therapy practice created to provide music therapy services to children and their families within the community. Life Lyrics uses music to bridge communication gaps within relationships and encourage deeper expression or sense of self, which in turn allows for furthered growth and communication. Within psychotherapy sessions, music interventions such as singing, instrument-playing, improvisation, music-listening and songwriting are available to each client, allowing them to create, process, build relationships and reach individualized goals. Life Lyrics serves children from birth to young adulthood individually and in group settings. Not only can music be stimulating and help with functional learning, but it also reaches emotional avenues for clients to process and grow.

 Why did you decide to start Life Lyrics? 

 I wanted to be a resource for my community, working privately one-on-one with families while also contracting with local schools and organizations. After spending years in the Pediatric Department at Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital at NYU Langone, particularly during the start of the pandemic, I recognized the need for increased mental health services and the power of music within psychotherapy. I began my vision of Life Lyrics Music Therapy at the end of 2021 while I was living in NYC. Once my husband and I moved back to my hometown of Greenwich, I transitioned my practice to this location where it is now building and growing within the area. My goal and mission continue to be about empowering children to find joy in making music with others.

What does a music therapy session look like?

 Sessions consist of different music interventions intended to reach personalized goals. Clients or groups usually will begin building rapport with me, then expand upon strengths, learn new skills and find closure within the process as sessions or time concludes. As the therapist, I often lead with a melodic instrument, such as a piano, guitar or voice, when assisting a client through a therapeutic process or group. Other instruments are present for clients to play when they are encouraged and willing. Interventions include, but are not limited to: singing, lyric analysis, instrument-playing, improvisation, music-listening, songwriting and recording. Clients may benefit from the qualities of music that promote stimulation, relaxation, expression and interaction.

How does your background and experience complement the work you do now?

Ever since I can remember, I loved every part of studying music. I always had a passion for singing and took my studies very seriously. Music therapy was the perfect combination, reflecting both of my interests: Psychology and Music. After graduating from Molloy University where I received a Bachelors in Science in Music Therapy, I obtained my Music Therapy-Board Certification (MT-BC) and continued my studies at NYU to attain a Master of Arts in Music Therapy.

While working in the hospital during this time, I gravitated towards working within pediatrics with children who were acutely and chronically ill. It was evident how much music therapy assisted patients throughout their hospitalization, in providing avenues for expression, moments for emotion release, assistance during physically and emotionally difficult procedures, and opportunities for joy within a challenging environment. I also attained my Licensed Creative Arts Therapy (LCAT) certification, allowing me to practice Psychotherapy. With this, Life Lyrics provides music therapy services to young adults and adults, assisting with personal difficulties and life goals. 

Lastly, I worked very closely with an interdisciplinary therapy team within the hospital setting. It was through this where I, more deeply and first-hand, experienced the incredible work of other therapists and psychosocial providers. It was helpful to collaborate on goals for patients, while individually contributing to a treatment plan through our specific skills and specialties. Working together, with similar intentions of the well-being of our patients, enabled a more powerful treatment and growth process.

What keeps you up at night?

Children learn within their environment and by the resources they are provided. Life Lyrics aspires to be a continued resource available for families to conveniently serve their children. I hope for the community to see the value of music therapy as Creative Arts Therapy.

What are the main benefits of Music Therapy?

  • Music Therapy has the power to meet non-musical individualized goals that may be transferred outside of a musical setting: whether that be social, emotional, cognitive, behavioral or physical.
  • Music Therapy has the power to facilitate moments of joy and expression, as well as increase self-understanding.
  • Music Therapy promotes improved communication and facilitates opportunities to build deeper interpersonal connections and relationships. 

To book an appointment or learn more about Life Lyrics Music Therapy, please visit or call Laura directly at 917.779.8832.

Music is my main modality within psychotherapy. It is through music that one’s emotions, language and strengths are evident.