Life on the Road

Sarah Nibargar and family find adventure with a custom made van.

Sarah Nibarger is a realtor with The Ethridge Team with eXp Realty who owns a van with custom features that is ideal for road trips. Originally from a small town in the San Juan Islands called Anacortes, she now calls Arizona home. She lives here with her husband and three children and their dog. Despite establishing roots, something called to Sarah and her family to hit the road. Initially, Sarah and her husband were finding themselves driving a lot for her son's baseball but they wanted something comfortable enough to indulge their desire to explore the great outdoors.

Soon a dream became reality when they bought their van and sent it off to a company called VanCraft in Utah to have it fitted to their specifications. Inside is a comfy queen-sized bed with extra leg room, a bench seat with seatbelts in the back, a full kitchen including an induction burner, an ice chest that can be a fridge or turned down to be a freezer, a sink and plenty of butcher-block counter space. It even has a shower unit with hot water and a cassette toilet, and because it is a 4x4 so they can take it anywhere. They have traveled from Portland to Flagstaff, making memories all along the way. Nibarger calls it her 'VRBO on wheels'. Perhaps the ideal way to take to the road, being convenient, and comfortable with the added bonus of waking up to nature. 

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