Life’s Little Hiccups

Consider Private Duty Homecare When You Need an Extra Hand

Life is hectic and an unplanned medical issue can throw your usual busy life into over drive. In-home nursing services for the elderly are available, but what about a spouse, child—or yourself? 

“Private duty homecare is not limited to seniors,” says Joe Wolfe, owner of First Call Medical Staffing and Homecare Specialist. “There are many situations where First Call can help.”

Short-term Care

Private duty homecare is a perfect fit for those recovering at home from a car accident, surgical procedure, or a round of chemotherapy.

Mother and Child

Recovery from a difficult delivery, dealing with postpartum depression, or caring for a child recuperating from surgery or cancer treatments requires additional care. First Call can help.

Business Trips

Contact First Call when your job requires you to travel but you have a family member at home recovering from an illness or surgery.

Annoying Illnesses

Being sick with a lengthy illness such as chicken pox, mono, or the flu is miserable. Taking a week off work to care for your loved one can be costly and usually involves using your vacation pay. First Call can ease the burden with periodic visits or 24/7 care.

Surgery Recovery

Did you break a leg on your spring break ski trip? Or healing slower than usual from an appendectomy? Recover from surgery at home with ease with First Call. 

Vacation Services

Have you postponed your vacation, again and again, because you don’t feel comfortable leaving your kids or elderly parents at home? Take them with you! First Call offers compassionate and competent child and adult care in hotels, resorts, and B&Bs.

To learn more about private duty homecare, contact First Call at 877.665.1011 or visit My-FirstCall.com.

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