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Rejuvenation & Healing at The Loft Spa

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Light Therapy

LightStim LED Treatment at The Loft Spa

Here at The Loft, we continually search for the very best of what the world of wellness has to offer. We pour over the literature and reviews of the latest and greatest as they become available and believe us, is one of the most exciting developments that have come onto the scene in a long time. 

The Loft is proud to be able to include LightStim LED treatments in our family of Simple Beauty and Pure Wellness Services. 

Energy within the body is an important part of life.  Just like plants, humans have the ability to absorb light and convert it to energy. 

Light, through the use of Low Level Light Therapy, has been shown by hundreds of studies to be a beneficial supplement for extra energy needed to get our systems operating at full potential. 

It also provides safe and effective relief not only to muscle, but also joint and arthritic pain by increasing local blood flow. 

LightStim’s LED utilizes four different wavelengths which work together to relieve muscle tension and stiffness, allowing the user freedom to enjoy their life to the fullest. 

Oxygen and proper nutrients are key to aging well and adequate blood circulation is of utmost importance to ensure suitable dissemination throughout the body. LED therapy works in conjunction with your body’s natural circulatory system. LED therapy has also been shown to help reduce pain, anxiety and depression. 

 Through complex chemical reactions, Nitric Oxide production is increased within the body which is utilized by the cells as a signal for them to “get to work”, repairing damage and assisting the immune system in preventing various ailments. 

The energy created by the treatments is used to aid the skin to function in a more youthful and efficient way. 

By utilizing LED treatments, the cells’ ability to turn light into energy gets boosted, allowing them to build proteins that plump and firm the dermis to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, counteracting the signs of aging by toning and refining skin texture, helping you to look and feel your best. 

The LightStim LED Bed, now available at The Loft, offers a non-invasive, soothing treatment that leaves you feeling tranquil and rejuvenated. 

Lay down, put on your favorite music, meditate, or simply relax and allow the warmth to wash over you, knowing your body is receiving the special attention it needs to feel its best. 

We highly recommend utilizing your complimentary hammam hot and cold therapy when booking your LightStim Bed treatment or adding the treatment to your massage or acupuncture experience for that ultra-luxurious self-pampered experience. 

Because, right now, you deserve it. 

  • Rejuvenation & Healing at The Loft Spa