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Ignite Friendship and Relaxation at Sea Love Atlanta

At Sea Love Atlanta, the warm glow of candlelight sets the stage for forging unexpected bonds and cherished memories. Owner Latossa Rukuni shares heartwarming tales of friendships that have blossomed within the cozy confines of her Vinings Jubilee candle-making studio.

One such story involves two young women who brought their mothers for a mother-daughter bonding experience. Although leading busy lives that kept them apart, the shared joy of crafting candles together rekindled their connection. Encouraged by one another's company, the two daughters unexpectedly formed a lasting friendship, enriching their lives with laughter, learning, and the simple pleasure of quality time. 

Such heartwarming moments are made possible by the premium ingredients used in Sea Love's candles. The soy wax, derived from US-grown soybeans, and 100% phthalate-free essential oils create a clean, soothing aroma that instantly transports guests to their favorite tranquil getaway upon entering the studio.

The creation of Sea Love Atlanta was inspired by founders Stacy and Barry Miller's quest for a clean-burning candle that wouldn't trigger Barry's asthma. When Latossa met them at a franchise convention in 2022, the name alone piqued her interest as "a strong believer of all things love." Sensing it was the perfect fit, she embraced the opportunity to bring this unique concept to Vinings Jubilee, a community dear to her heart.

Alongside her husband Mbengo, Latossa strives to foster a warm, inclusive atmosphere where guests feel valued, appreciated, and comfortable. Teamwork and open communication are encouraged, ensuring each visit feels like a welcoming return. Whether first-timers or regulars, Sea Love Atlanta treats every friend who gathers within its walls as part of an ever-growing community united by the simple joys of candle-making.

Through the simple act of candle-making, Sea Love Atlanta has ignited a warmth that extends far beyond the flickering flames, cultivating friendship, relaxation, and a true sense of belonging.

As candles cast a warm glow over smiling faces, Sea Love Atlanta sparks heartwarming connections.