Lighthouse On The Lake

Hendersonville's Premier Lakeside Event Center Shines On Sanders Ferry Road

Since the dawn of seafaring, lighthouses have served as waypoints to guide mariners to their destinations. Shining from rugged coasts and outlying islands, their bright lights have served as beacons to ensure safe journeys across the seas.

Although not near an ocean, Hendersonville is served by its own local lighthouse – the Lighthouse on the Lake. Owned by Tim and Dr. Jewell Winn, the Lighthouse on the Lake is an upscale event center and private club located on Sanders Ferry Road. The owners bring a great deal of experience to the Lighthouse, with Tim having over 25 years of experience as a culinary chef and caterer, and Jewell’s 30 years in facilities management and administration.

“Our center can handle all types of events, including weddings, private parties, corporate functions and other special occasions,” says Jewell. “We also offer the Lighthouse Private Club, in which members enjoy facility access and VIP benefits for a monthly fee.”

Featuring a main banquet room and a lower-level hall that can handle 200 people each, the Lighthouse also offers other special accommodations that are specially designed for smaller, more intimate events.

“Along with our larger event floors, we also have an enclosed patio, a private green room, an outdoor patio, full and minibars and staging,” says Jewell. “The possibilities are endless at the Lighthouse on the Lake.”

Complementing its event services, the Lighthouse also provides boutique and corporate catering services.

“We offer a full range of in-house catering services that are perfect for any special meeting or event,” says Jewell. “Our culinary team can prepare delicious dishes to compliment any occasion. All catering engagements include a professional serving team and all dining accessories, including serving dishes, plates, glassware and flatware.”

Although specializing in private functions, the Lighthouse on the Lake also offers two weekly events that are open to the public – the Sunday jazz brunch and the Tuesday night jazz lounge.

“The Lighthouse Sunday All That Jazz Brunch is more than amazing food, it’s a complete experience built upon the vibe of live music,” says Jewell. “Guests can dine from a hearty buffet or from our ala carte menu while enjoying specialty drinks such as our ‘Timosas’ made with Tim’s Southern Tea.”

As with the brunch, the Tuesday night jazz lounge is also filled with the strains of music. The lounge is open weekly from 6:30 – 8:30 in the evening, and it features free live entertainment that makes for a special ambiance. A menu is also available, along with a cash bar.

Whether a private function or weekly jazz brunch or lounge, the Lighthouse on the Lake is the place to go.

Lighthouse on the Lake

133 Sanders Ferry Road,

Hendersonville, TN 37075



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