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Meet anchor and meteorologist Allison Miller

It was a winding road for Allison Miller to receive her degree in atmospheric science, aka meteorology. But before becoming a two-time Emmy Award-winning member of the CBS Austin This Morning family, she set out to follow her passion for science and her desire to become a pilot.

“My dad, a retired Air Force colonel, would take me flying as a kid. I even went to flight school in high school,” says Miller. “This all led me to pursue aerospace engineering in college. During that time, I ended up taking a meteorology class and loved it. It reminded me of how much I loved learning about the weather in flight school.”

Although Miller decided to switch her major, it wasn’t until interning with a TV station meteorologist that her fate was sealed. She could combine her love of science, weather, and performing. Now a morning news anchor, Miller can still be found filling in on the weather wall, while getting to learn about and experience all things local.

“Throughout the 11-plus years I’ve been at CBS Austin, I’ve learned so much about this amazing community and have met some incredible people,” says Miller. “One memory that sticks out is scaling down the side of a skyscraper as part of a Make-A-Wish Central and South Texas fundraiser. That was terrifying, but also exhilarating!”

When she isn’t showcasing the latest Central Texas happenings, Miller is staying true to her roots as both a meteorologist and a performer with her Dance Forecasts on social media. Many of her videos consist of freestyle dancing, and she is able to knock them out in one or two takes.

“I love sharing behind-the-scenes moments, things you don’t get to see on TV. I think I just enjoy sharing my true self,” says Miller. “By sharing content that is useful and positive, I hope to contribute to a more uplifting and empowering online community.”

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Allison Miller

A Day in the Life at CBS Austin

Early Mornings

“My alarm goes off in the middle of the night, at 2 AM. I sneak out of the house, trying my best not to wake my sleeping family!”

Getting to the Station

“I meet with producers, and write and edit scripts. Then, I do my own hair and makeup, usually while listening to a podcast, audiobook, or music—early 2000s hip-hop is my go-to.”

Going On the Air

“Finally, it's time to mic up. Our CBS Austin This Morning show is on from 4:30 AM to 7:00 AM, Monday through Friday.”

Prepping for Tomorrow

“After that, I work on finding local stories for the next newscast or people doing good in our community for ‘Making a Difference,’ my weekly segment.”

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