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Lights, Camera, Trilith Guesthouse

Hollywood in our backyard; the ultimate movie land staycation!

Rising triumphally from the farmland and pastures of Fayette County, Trilith Guesthouse is the epitome of global style and Southern graciousness. The hotel’s sleek design, midcentury modern furniture, welcoming living room, and library, all help to transport the arriving guest into a modern version of Hollywood’s past just waiting to be awakened. As if there for a generation, Trilith Guesthouse anchors the town, creating a lasting experience designed to illuminate the storyteller in all of us.

Thoughtful touches throughout the hotel and impeccable service are hallmarks of Trilith Guesthouse.  The hotel’s timeless charm crafts moments of joy that celebrate life's special occasions, enriching lives one heartfelt gesture at a time. From the welcome cocktail to the perfectly appointed, well designed guestrooms and suites; this hotel is the definition of easy, luxury accommodations.  

There are touches of Hollywood everywhere. Artfully appointed, Hollywood themed guestrooms boast comfortable and cozy furnishings, plush bedding, and modern amenities, each room offering a tranquil retreat for guests. 

Prologue Dining & Drinks, like the hotel, draws on our Southern roots, blending classic flavors with a contemporary flair in cleverly designed New York styled, fine dining atmosphere.  From locally sourced ingredients to exquisite plating, Prologue is a culinary journey that celebrates our favorite dishes allowing Chef Thomas Parker to rise above the ordinary and his team to shine brightly.

Perched high atop the heart of the Town at Trilith is Oliver Twist, a rooftop speakeasy where expert mixologists blend premium spirits with artisanal ingredients to create unforgettable cocktails bursting with flavor and sophistication.  A sophisticated, up scale pub grub menu awaits anyone looking for a fanciful nosh with their libation!

The Town at Trilith itself truly defies description; there is an extraordinary sense of excellence everywhere.  Whether strolling through the main shopping plaza or enjoying an evening walk through the European inspired, technologically advanced, and environmentally sustainable estates; the Town at Trilith experience is like no other imaginable.  It was as if the whole town was created just for me and my enjoyment.  

The town’s diverse culinary landscape promises something for every palate. With a commitment to sustainability and quality, each bite and sip embodies the spirit of community, creativity, and culinary excellence, leaving guests eager to return for another delicious adventure.

Whether visiting for a weekend or making Trilith Guesthouse your home while filming your latest movie; the hotel and the town itself has a personalized experience just for you!  

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