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Butter Boards Go From TikTok Trend to Real-Life Tables Across Chandler

Bread’s best friend—butter—is having a moment.

Earlier this year, Brooklyn-based cook and popular food blogger Justine Doiron metaphorically broke the internet when she posted a TikTok video showing viewers how to make an updated twist on a traditional cheese or charcuterie board with butter as the primary ingredient.

Within hours of the post, the term “butter board” was trending worldwide. Both chefs and home cooks alike began making their own, both to share with diners and friends, as well as to post online themselves.

“Essentially, you are deconstructing bread and butter and adding accouterments,” Christopher George, says executive chef at Bottle & Bean Coffee House & Wine Shop ( “Simply soften butter and then spread over a cutting board or marble slab, and sprinkle it with various toppings then pair it with one or many types of bread.”

According to George, who is hosting a hands-on butter board workshop at his restaurant on Dec. 3 at noon for just $40 per person, the only limit is one’s imagination when it comes to butter designs, toppings, and breads.

“Layering a variety of flavors and textures is key so that every bite is different, so first-timers might want to consider herbs, citrus zest, fresh or dried fruit, marinated vegetables, crushed nuts, and even honey,” says George. “Ensure the bread complements the butter, as well as the toppings, and you are set.”