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Ethical, Sustainable, and Oh So Cute!

“WHEN WOMEN THINK OF CARI CAPRI, I WANT THEM TO THINK OF THE BEACHES OF THE CARIBBEAN AND COAST OF CAPRI,” says Romona Norton, owner and creator of eco-friendly and ethically-made activewear brand Cari Capri. After dedicating her life to charity work and giving back, Romona was determined to take her passion for fashion and knowledge of sustainability to create clothing that not only women can look beautiful in, but feel great about wearing.

  1. From the very beginning, it was important to me that I build a clothing line that would take waste from the environment and recycle it. I sought out to create a line of athleisure wear and resort wear that was not only fashionable, comfortable and affordable, but eco-friendly and sustainable. There are also more than 150 million children around the world engaged in child labor, which is a deal breaker for me, so I have made it my mission to ensure the entire process from manufacturing to shipping is completely ethical. 

  2. For more than 20 years, I worked alongside various charitable organizations and within the last nearly 10 years, have spent weeks at a time in Central and South America, as well as Asia traveling to different locations rebuilding orphanages and schools. It’s something that I love doing, which is why I recently started my own non-profit, Volunteers for Children, where we focus on the building blocks of education, equality and security to empower children and help future generations be safer, smarter and stronger.

  3. We use two types of fabric – Econyl, which is made in Italy and Repreve that is from the United States. Repreve takes plastic bottles and turns them into polyester and Econyl takes fishing nets that are left over from the ocean along with carpet fibers from landfills to create nylon. Our pieces are completely recyclable, reusable and there are no new resources added. We also manufacture our shoes using recycled materials, such as recycled rubber, tennis balls, car tires, coffee grounds and wine corks. I wanted to make sure that everything aligned with the core beliefs of Cari Capri, so our packaging, labels and tissue paper are also made of recycled materials.

  4. This is going to be a tricky one, but my favorite piece is the VITA Solid Mesh Leggings with the breathable mesh down the calves. They are a staple item that can worn from the gym to the grocery store, school pick up and out on the town. The black pair especially has a shiny finish, which makes me feel sexy and comfortable at the same time.

  5. Not only are we completely eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable, a portion of our profits are donated annually to various non-profit causes. We are proud to support local and national organizations that focus on improving the environment and quality of life for children, as well as women – all areas that are near and dear to our hearts.

  6. One bucket-list item would be to create a children’s line or move into men’s one day. I would also love for Cari Capri to eventually have the capability for customers to return their older pieces for a discount or set up a recycling center where gently worn items may be sent to other countries to have a second life. Since our items have longevity and can be used and re-worn, I would love for the pieces to go to those in need. I personally know the excitement of growing up in Guyana, where we would be thrilled when a box arrived from the U.S. It would be rewarding to do the same and pay it forward.