Lion's Share Family Services

Steve Lamantini

Ask Steve Lamantini what he does for work and he’ll probably share with you a nickname some of his clients have given him. 

“They call me a professional son,” he says. “I’m like a trusted friend or a favorite son-in-law, someone you can call on when you need help.” 

Since 2018 Steve has run his own business, Lion’s Share Family Services, providing “concierge-based companion care” to his clients. 

Need to help a loved-one get to the doctor’s office or some other appointment but you don’t have time to help them yourself? Steve has you covered. 

If you live out of state but your mom still lives here and needs help getting her cable installed, Steve can come to her home and help with that as well. He can also bring her to the doctor’s and even consult with her physician on her medicines and care plan and then give you a detailed report on her needs. 

After, if she wants to run some errands around town, Steve can bring her wherever she wants to go and even assist her in the stores. 

Or maybe you want to move your elderly dad out of his home in Florida and bring him back home here to Connecticut to live with you. Steve can handle all the nitty gritty details of that as well and will even drive your dad back back here or fly back with him. In fact, this is the time of year when Steve starts booking trips for such snowbirds. 

The idea for the business came to him, Steve says, when he was still working as an officer for the Norwich Police Department, a job he retired from in 2016 after nearly 22 years on the force.  At the time, he lived in Glastonbury and his elderly dad lived in Farmington and there were often times when he couldn’t get to him for non-emergencies."

“I could find a certified nurse's aide to help with his personal care needs, but I couldn’t find someone to drive him down to me when I got promoted or take him to a doctor’s appointment." It would have been great to have someone like me when I was working to help with all the little things, and even big things, in life that he needed help with.” 

He has clients that he helps on a regular basis and others that sometimes just need one-time help for things that can range from helping someone who lives alone during a power outage to overseeing a client’s ongoing medical care needs. He coordinates with doctors, families and nurses on client’s ongoing care needs. 

“You can hire someone to run you to the grocery store or the doctor’s office, but I provide more comprehensive services and I become like a trusted friend for many of my clients. They confide in me and they tell me about their lives. They feel more independent, they feel like they’re getting out and living their life and they don’t feel like they’re burdening their families. And their families are happy because their loved ones are getting out and doing the things they love to do.”

He’s available for half days, full days and customizes his rates and services for special situations, such as travel and overnight stays. 

Call 860-836-6531 for a free consultation or email stevelsfs@gmail.com. His website is lionssharefamilyservices.com.  

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