Little by Little

A Little Gem Among Us

Co-owners Alyssa Rossi and Meaghan Olson have been building an empire, little by little. Their boutique, Little by Little, is rich in quality, creativity, and community service. These boss ladies are raising children, growing their shop, and elevating the lives of their customers and friends. In this month’s family driven issue, their story and passion is perfect. Let’s listen.

1. In what ways does Little by Little fulfill a greater purpose?

Our goal from the beginning was to open up our space to the community. It was great to start with Mom’s Night Out events every month to feature another business or artisan in the community and have moms enjoy a night socializing with other mamas. Then we started teaching others the benefits of essential oils, and we are starting to host classes yet again. Soon, we are partnering with the Arvada Library and will be offering weekly story time. We love having this space that welcomes families, and we find so much joy in supporting others in the community. 

2. As mothers, how does this work fill your cup?

Little by Little is our happy place! If we are having an off day, the second we walk in changes our outlook and mood. We really wanted to create a serene space for our customers; little did we know it would bring us so much joy and groundedness! Our kids love our shop, too! It is their hang out space, even after store hours sometimes. They also love helping in the shop...entrepreneurs in training! Together we have five kids, and they often call us “Mom and Other Mom,” and love each other like siblings. 

3. What are y’all most proud of as it relates to this work?

We are really proud of how quickly we manifested our dream and brought it to fruition. From the first conversation to opening our doors, it was two and a half months. Everything came together so organically it is almost like it was destined. We are so passionate about our little shop and we really want to see it flourish.

4. What do you want Arvada to know about Little by Little Boutique?

We care so much about our community and providing quality, environmentally safe products for the littles in their lives. We want our customers to be repeatedly excited to revisit our shop, not just for shopping, but for good conversation and events. We want to be known as the “go-to” for unique gifts for babies, kids and adults! We are not your average store, and we will always strive our best to keep serving the community in creative ways.

Alyssa Rossi & Meaghan Olson | Co-Owners

Little by Little Boutique 

5626 Olde Wadsworth Blvd 

Arvada, CO 80002


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