Live and Dine in Style

A Versatile Room to Eat, Play, and Work

Years ago, dining rooms were often formal affairs that were only used for company and special occasions. Today, people want to take full advantage
of all the space in their homes and need dining rooms that are comfortable and inviting for the entire family.

“Clients often want something more casual, but they still want a touch of formality and a touch of glam to make it a little more special,” says Patti
Lynn Sharp, owner of An Inside Job Interior Design. “For example, the table itself might be a glorified farmhouse table, but then when we pair that with
fully upholstered chairs, it feels more glamorous.”

Many people have shied away from upholstered chairs in the past for fear that they would become worn and stained. However, the materials used these
days are high-performance fabrics that hold up well and can be easily cleaned. Slipcovers are also popular, says Patti, since they can be taken off,
laundered and replaced.

In addition to the table and chairs mentioned above, adding a simple chandelier and a pretty flower arrangement can create a beautiful space to entertain your guests. But this same room can also be used by kids for doing homework and hanging out with their friends.

Over the past year and a half, dining rooms have become especially popular places to gather with family and friends to eat, play games, and socialize.
They have also functioned as classrooms and offices.

Patti was always talented at seeing how she could make a space look, feel and function better. After obtaining her B.A. and M.A. in interior design,
and then spending almost 20 years working at other architectural and design firms, she decided to go out on her own. An Inside Job Interior Design was
founded in Nashville two years ago. “We offer space planning, remodels, renovations – everything from start to finish,” says Patti. Whether an entire house or a one-room remodel, she works closely with her clients to understand first how they live, and then designs plans from there. Most of her clients live in Brentwood and Franklin.

Her studio is located in a dedicated building on her farm, where she lives with her husband Wayne. “I have this crazy double life,” says Patti. “We
have a farm in Centerville, which is about an hour west of Nashville, and we’re raising alpacas and growing vegetables. Fridays are saved for
harvesting, and on Saturdays, I head to the local farmer’s market to sell our produce.”

She is also developing a line of home goods with pillows, throws, blankets and more which will be made from the very fine and soft fiber from her Suri
alpacas. You can see many photos of Patti’s designs, and of course, her adorable alpacas on Facebook.

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