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Old Dogs, New Homes

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month. We are celebrating with four of Live Love Animal Rescue’s senior dogs.

     Why adopt a senior dog? Their personalities vary just as much as younger pups, but a lot of our seniors share a few traits that make them particularly good family pets. The rescued dogs of Live Love Animal Rescue are housed in loving foster homes. We can give you extensive information to find the right match for your household, which can take some uncertainty out of adopting the laid-back senior dog of your dreams. We provide comprehensive medical care before placing dogs for adoption, so adopters can focus on enjoying their new furry family member. Here, four senior rescue dogs share their journeys along the way to adoption.

   When we met Diesel (left), he could barely walk, dragging one front leg behind him due to a large cancerous mass. Diesel’s family had surrendered him to our city’s animal shelter as they could not afford his medical care. They tearfully called him “the best dog ever” and hoped the shelter could help him. We answered the shelter staff’s request to rescue him and spoil him for a few days in a hospice home. Still, upon examining Diesel’s swollen leg, Live Love founder Emily said, “I think we can take this off!” and a life-saving leg amputation was performed, funded in part by the generosity of The Grey Muzzle Organization. Diesel now walks and trots with ease, and we hope to reunite Diesel with his former family. 

   Maxi (right) came to us when her owner passed away. A total lap dog, Maxi jumped right into the arms of the toddler in her foster home for some well-supervised cuddles and love. Next, Maxi went straight to the vet for a checkup. We are arranging to have several rotting teeth extracted, with her medical care sponsored in part by a Karen T. Hilburn Trust grant that benefits senior dogs in need. This spunky little diva will soon be getting cozy in an adoptive home where she can enjoy a carefree retirement.

   Falcor (left) was faring worse than most at the shelter, obsessively licking the walls and circling his kennel, which are extreme signs of kennel stress. Falcor’s foster family took the time to make him feel secure, and he repaid them with easygoing loyalty and love. Falcor showed them the good things in life, like laying in the sun, taking a stroll around the neighborhood, and playing hide-and-seek in the flower bushes. It didn’t take long to find the perfect home for Falcor after his medical care was complete. Now Falcor greets his family every morning by laying his sweet head in each person’s lap before pulling out his toys from his secret hiding spot.  

  Like Maxi, Waldo’s previous owner passed away. He had some medical issues that caused quite a bit of discomfort, including arthritis, rotting teeth, and skin problems. Our veterinarian removed 13 teeth, treated his skin with a medicated bath, and prescribed medication to treat the arthritic pain. Now that he is comfortable, his foster family is learning that he's a kisser! Waldo loves showing the humans who saved him all the affection he has in his heart! Whoever adopts him will receive the love of a senior dog who is grateful for a second chance.

To inquire about pet adoption (young or old), contact and follow them on Instagram @liveloveanimalrescue and Facebook