4 Pillars of Wellness

Kaylie & William, Founders of Live Well Dood, are turning traditional and wellness thinking on its head…and with great success! 

Article by Justin Schierkolk

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Originally published in Broomfield Lifestyle

The “Standard American Diet” is flawed. Starting your morning with cereal, orange juice, and a banana is the WORST way to start your metabolism! Kaylie and William, wellness experts and founders of Live Well Dood in Lafayette, help people understand why traditional eating habits turn your body into a fat storing machine. They coach and train people to start the day with foods that turn your body into a fat burning machine instead. Nutrition is vital, but according to them, there are four pillars of wellness to keep in mind for a comprehensive “Best You” strategy:

4 Pillars of Wellness

  1. Happiness - Wellness should be fulfilling, not stressful! Kaylie and William meet you where you’re at! If your workouts are 45 minute walks with your friends, great! Fitness should enhance your life, not consume it.

  2. Intention - Live Well Dood originated from the fact that their beloved doodles do everything with intention. When they wake up in the morning, they don’t mope around and hit the snooze button. They never have a bad day or feel guilty about eating a whole bone. If they get a treat, they finish it and move on. We can live this way too! Living with INTENTION, being present and having purpose for all that you are doing is crucial to success.

  3. Health - Everything is affected by diet and exercise. Your physical health, your mental health, your monetary health. Fitness is a force multiplier. If you are fit you generally have more confidence, optimism and better time management. Excelling at fitness doesn’t just have to be something that helps you look better naked, let it help you in your career, your networking, and your productivity.

  4. Sustainability - Use cooking hacks! Single-pan or sheet pan recipes save time. Save money with little things like making your own chicken broth. Eating healthy is no more expensive than eating how you are now. Learn to eat and exercise in a way that fits your lifestyle. Understanding the “why” behind your results helps build lifelong habits rather than continuously trying new crash diets or yo-yo programs. It’s amazing the results you can achieve getting into the gym three days a week and taking your family and dog on a walk with you! 

HAPPY CLIENTS - Brian and Tandee’s Story
Brian: I wanted to look jacked for my Mexico vacation and my wife wanted to lose weight. We took a chance and hired Dood. For the first time as an adult, I have abs and I actually FEEL better! We signed up for a  3 month program and feel 100% confident we can now do this all on our own. We couldn't be happier with our transformation.

Tandee: I’ve lost over 20 lbs in 3 months and I didn’t have to give up margaritas on the weekends or bottomless mimosas at brunch! Dood helped me to redefine my relationship with food and my body. I was always scared to lift weights because I didn’t want to look “bulky”. I didn’t bulk up. I did the opposite! I am more lean and toned than I have ever  been in my adult life. Kaylie and William are phenomenal. Dood changed my life.

Learn more about how Kaylie and William can help you transform your thinking and your life at!

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