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The Local Plant Shop Teaches How to Create Laying Succulent Arrangements

The Local Plant Shop is a family-owned, online plant design business. It hosts custom-designed, group workshops for parties and corporate events, and sells unique arrangements locally and across the country. They also do plant design solutions for businesses in the area, and create moss wall installations.

“Everyone calls me the plant lady,” says Paige Coniglio, the shop’s floral designer and instructor. “We are the only company making succulent cow skulls in the U.S.”

The company teaches monthly workshops at The Farm At South Mountain during the shop’s open season. One of their most popular classes is the fall Pumpkin Succulent Workshop, which always sells. The Grapevine Succulent Wreath Workshop also draws a crowd.

“Plants bring a calming joyous effect to our participants," says Coniglio. "We are happiness instructors. Everyone is smiling and laughing during the two-hour workshop.” 

The company's newest workshop teaches participants how to create a laying succulent arrangement. They’ll be teaching at The Farm on May 17. To participate, sign up online through Botanica, The Farm’s gift shop, at Learn more about the shop at



  1. Place drainage stones in the bottom of a larger shallow pot with a drain hole.
  2. Place a smaller pot inside the larger pot, on top of the stones, on its side.
  3. Add cactus soil around the smaller pot.
  4. Arrange a strand of spilling succulents, such as a “string of pearls,” to flow out of the small pot.
  5. Plant a variety of miniature succulents, with the largest in the middle.
  6. Top off with contrasting gravel or stones carefully placed around succulents.
  7. Allow the arrangement to sit for a week without watering, then lightly water every eight days.