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Mexican Bats

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Living History in the Valley

To Celebrate AZ's Birthday on February 14th, here are Five Hidden Historical Gems that Represent the Grand Canyon State 

Bat Cave, Phoenix

Though we're not talking about Batman’s lair, we are referring to a flood control tunnel that's been famous for its bat spectacle for quite some time. Located on E. Colter Street, AZ's dubbed "Bat Cave" has become the summer home for thousands of Mexican Bats migrating south. During the day, they hang in the darkness hidden from view, but as the sun sets, they emerge and fill the sky. Best viewed in the summer, they can also be spotted in March.

Hall Of Flame Fire Museum, Phoenix

Arizona is home to the world’s largest historical firefighting museum. The Hall of Flame Fire Museum flaunts a vast collection of firefighting mementos from over the years, like helmets and equipment dating back to the early 1700s. Ideal for families, there are plenty of exhibits, displays, and odes honoring firefighters and their services.

Arizona Falls, Phoenix

Since the 1880s, this man-made waterfall has been a desert novelty and popular Instagram-worthy attraction. Located on E. Indian School Road, check out the 20-foot drop along the Arizona canal; it's an intersection of technology, art, and water. Behind the flowing falls you can view historic gears and hydroelectric equipment.

S'edav Va'aki Museum, Phoenix

This museum recognizes the living culture and homelands of the indigenous peoples who inhabited the land for centuries. There, you’ll find a large collaborative mural spearheaded by Arizona artist Thomas "Breeze" Marcus as well as replicated prehistoric housing structures. 

Arizona Heritage Center, Tempe

Nestled among the Desert Botanical Gardens sits the Arizona Heritage Center, offering a trip through local history. At the Center, you'll gain insight into Valley pop culture, such as a display on "Wallace and Ladmo," a long-running running children’s program that spanned generations. You can also explore the original adobe home of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. 

Marshall Shore, dubbed Arizona's Hip Historian, has made history his full time career, uncovering the weird, the wonderful, and the obscure treasures from Arizona's past. Shore uses storytelling magic found in film footage, old photographs, and artifacts bringing our state’s heritage to life through entertaining presentations, tours and events.

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