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Living Lakeside

“We do things when we are ready, and we are ready when we do them.”

That's precisely how it worked for Mary Lou Gunther, a resident at Cape Albeon's Lakeside Retirement Living community.  

While she was uncertain of when she would be ready, Mary Lou wanted to find an independent living community while she was still young enough to enjoy it. She stated matter-of-factly, "I wanted to make some new friends before I die."

As a former hospice volunteer, Mary Lou had visited other senior living communities. "But none of them really rang my bell," she said.

A friend recommended visiting Cape Albeon off Dougherty Ferry road. Mary Lou stated, "You'll never find Cape Albeon if you don't turn on Lake Bend Drive." It's Cape Albeon's secluded natural environment that immediately appealed to Mary Lou. "There are two lakes. Each independent living cottage backs up to a lake and all of the natural beauty that surrounds the water."

And while the natural beauty drew Mary Lou in, it is the welcoming community that blew her away. Mary Lou spends most of her time walking her dog along the nature trail and chatting with neighbors. “The people here are exceptionally nice and gracious. We are a small community that really gets to know each other," she said. "And I sing the praises of the administration team, especially during COVID. They brought in all kinds of music for the residents. I'm a music lover, so to be surrounded by people and music and nature is wonderful. I don't know if there is another place like this in St. Louis. The cottages at Cape Albeon are a lovely place to live - when you are ready."  

  • Mary Lou Gunther