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Powerful ski boats pull skiers up and down the lake channel.

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Who Needs The Ocean When You Have Old Hickory Lake?

When it comes to summer fun, it is hard to beat Old Hickory Lake.

Spanning over 22,500 acres, the lake is one of the area’s most popular destinations. From cruises to skiing, Old Hickory Lake has something for everyone.

Hendersonville has over 30 miles of shoreline that provide easy lake access. The city also has three marinas that offer everything boaters needs to enjoy life on the lake. From the slow pace of kayaks, the party atmosphere of pontoon craft or the heart-pounding thrill of high-performance ski boats the lake is the place to be.

Old Hickory Lake is famous for its wide variety of fish, including bass, catfish and crappie. Recently designated a Bill Dance Signature Lake, Old Hickory is a popular destination for both casual and professional tournament anglers.

Along with boating and fishing, there are many other activities available around the lake, including swimming, hiking and birdwatching. In addition, pavilions can be reserved for special occasions such birthday parties and reunions.

There are also several lakeside restaurants, including the Rudder, Moby Dicky’s and Sanders Ferry Pizza & Pub. These venues are perfect for unwinding after a long day on the lake.

When you hear the water calling this summer, be sure to check out Old Hickory Lake.

Since its incorporation in 1969, Hendersonville has been known as the "City by the Lake" for good reason. Surrounded on three sides by beautiful Old Hickory Lake, the city offers a wide variety of water-based amenities that provide year-round entertainment for all ages.

  • Jet skiing on Old Hickory Lake is a fun summer pastime.
  • Lake coves are popular fishing places for anglers.
  • From fishing to cruising, kayaks are a common site on Old Hickory Lake.
  • All types of watercraft are enjoyed on the lake each summer.
  • Wildlife such as Great Blue Herons  are abundant around the lake.
  • Many families enjoy renting pontoon boats with water toys for a fun day outing.
  • Powerful ski boats pull skiers up and down the lake channel.
  • As a Bill Dance Signature Lake, Old Hickory hosts many large fishing tournaments each year.