Living Over Time

A different view of aging

What makes your heart sing? Carol Anderson, owner of Nouveau, a Boutique Medspa, believes the answer to that question is the source of true health and beauty. “Beauty that catches the beholder’s eye is vibrance. Vibrance radiates from the heart and manifests in the face.”

“Clients know we celebrate their commitment to self-care. One can only be fully present for life as it comes each day if we have taken time to care for ourselves. We view their choice to take that step with us as both a privilege and a responsibility.”

Women and Men come to Nouveau for treatment. Clients know Nouveau is a medspa that embraces the process of living over time – a different view of “aging” – and practices with an in-depth knowledge of how our bodies change and how that impacts what we see in the mirror. Carol explains, “How you choose to live each decade, along with genetics, determines what you see in the mirror. The picture you see at 40, 50, or 60 is not the same as your parents at that age, nor is it the same as your friend. Our first line of repair is to choose treatments that encourage your body to repair itself, and then we give it a little help with other treatments, products, or injectables.”

“Your skin is the storyteller,” notes Carol. “The skin gives us clues to what is happening all around the body. We apply this information, consider the many facets of your lives, and listen to your life stories, all of which contribute to your whole beauty.” Carol reveals, “Then, my job is to sort out the source of interruption in your vibrance and beauty, educate you, provide you with treatment options and resources to heal and amend the interruption, and do it from the heart.”  

Essentials for a Beautiful Life

  • Meditation or prayer – something soulful
  • Pay attention to what you eat – make it colorful
  • Some exercise – movement is key
  • Take care of your skin and your body – what makes you healthy, fit, strong, smart, beautiful
  • Connect with people you love – community creates a higher vibration 

Beyond cleansing and moisturizing, Carol recommends using something to help the cells turn over. “That’s a dangerous area because people think ‘exfoliate.’ If you exfoliate too much, you are continually stripping the skin. That means thinning the skin, and thin skin means wrinkles. Skin needs time to regenerate, which takes longer each decade we live. We provide multiple treatment options and skin care products, but the key is time and stimulating cells to regenerate.”

The concept of time is essential to Carol and her staff at Nouveau. “We love helping our clients appreciate they deserve to take time and to celebrate themselves. We want them to have the courage to find and radiate their beauty. All of us benefit from being our best selves in the community.”

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