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Living the Good Life

Three natural living brands share the inspiration that got them started.

So often the idea of natural living, or living sustainably, can feel overwhelming as you weigh the numerous changes you might need to make. Yet one small change at a time is better that no change, and that’s all it takes to put yourself on the path toward a lifestyle that’s better for the environment - and for you. Natural living simply means making conscious choices to use products that are from the earth, or that leave zero or little negative impact on the earth. The reciprocal benefit is that natural living can improve your health, make your home a safer and more efficient place, and improve the world for our future generations. To inspire your natural living journey, we’ve rounded up three locals who support natural living by creating change and creating products that benefit people and the planet.

Clean Solutions, Clean Living

Emily Blair & Lauren Locke | Distil 
“Between us both, we’d been creating natural cleaning solutions and researching refillable bottling for years. When we discovered our shared mindset, Distil was born. Our products are counter-worthy, toxic-free, and effective. After about 2 years, each Distil customer will have eliminated 40 plastic bottles - that’s huge for our oceans and landfills! Less waste, more re-use, and safe products are steps to take toward a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle and planet.” @shopdistil 

Going Green: Home Edition

Jessica Watts | Howard Hanna & RAND REALTY
“I grew up as a contractor's daughter, which nurtured my love for real estate and design, then learned the importance of sustainability and became LEED AP credentialed. Through our own family’s home search, my passion for real estate turned toward becoming an agent that specializes in green living. Even simple changes like blackout shades or switching to LED bulbs are small actions that make a big difference.” 

Deliberate and Delicious

Anthony Colasacco | Hudson Valley Hemp Honey, Hive & Hemp  

“I’ve enjoyed CBD (and honey) for a long time and wanted to combine both. I launched Hudson Valley Hemp Honey using organic CBD coupled with honey from the Hudson Valley. After hearing from customers how much they loved it, I took things next level with Hive & Hemp. It’s CBD and honey-infused products, including Honey Gummies and an upcoming honey-based CBD beverage, using honey’s from around the country.”

@hudsonvalleyhemphoney @hiveandhemp

  • Photo by Fay Fox Studios