Living The Vital Life

The experts at Vitality Testosterone & Weight Loss share their tips to help you live your best, healthiest life today!

Article by Sophie Winterle

Photography by Jessi Edison

Originally published in Boerne Lifestyle

For more than a decade, Dr. Jamie Jaqua and Jason Hinojosa have been deeply involved in various aspects of the medical community. Their primary focus now is on helping men and women optimize their health through testosterone replacement and weight loss. In April, they opened Vitality Testosterone & Weight Loss, fulfilling the need for this type of specialized care in the Boerne area. 

Dr. Jaqua’s passion for helping others achieve their weight loss and fitness goals motivated her to open this clinic with Jason. Jason enjoys helping men reach their full potential and perform better in all aspects of their lives. Together, they want to help the community by providing personalized treatment plans to fit the individual needs of their patients. From testosterone replacement therapy to medically-supervised pharmaceutical weight loss with semaglutide, Vitality Testosterone & Weight Loss offers fully-customized services to each and every patient. Their human growth hormone peptides, injectable vitamins, and IV therapy help with overall well-being while also providing weight loss and anti-aging benefits. Jason and Dr. Jaqua are enthusiastic about helping people optimize their health, restore their vitality, and live their best life now.

Keys to Vitality
Here are Dr. Jaqua and Jason’s top tips for men to be healthy and stay strong:

1. Listen to your body. Do not ignore changes in your body or your mind such as fatigue, sexual deficiencies, difficulty concentrating, or depression. These symptoms may be due to low testosterone levels. Men's testosterone levels can decline at any age but they often begin to naturally decline after the age of thirty. Pay attention to the way your body feels and performs.

2. Don't be afraid to seek medical attention. A trip to the doctor's office could be life-changing. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above, call for a consultation. A simple blood test done right at the clinic can determine if your testosterone levels are low. At Vitality, you may be able to get your treatment started in 24-48 hours and start feeling better fast. Taking the initiative to call for a consultation is the first step in the process of living your best life now.

3. Be your own advocate. Doctors need all the information in order to adequately evaluate and treat your condition. It is important to be forthcoming about all your symptoms and be honest with your doctor. If you have been struggling to lose weight on your own with diet and exercise, you may need medical assistance. It is not easy to make lifestyle changes without support, and you may have an underlying medical condition that is hindering your progress. Scheduling your consultation is the first step to success.  

4. Be proactive. Even if you don't have signs or symptoms now, being overweight or having low testosterone levels can cause many serious medical conditions in the future such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart disease. Take the initiative now instead of waiting for issues to arise in the future. Losing weight and optimizing testosterone levels can help prevent these serious medical conditions and greatly improve your quality of life.

5. Live a healthy lifestyle. Remember to get eight hours of sleep every night, drink eight glasses of water a day, eat a healthy, balanced diet, and get at least thirty minutes of exercise a day. These daily habits will help improve and maintain your health. Implementing these small positive changes will go a long way toward helping you feel your best.

Visit Vitality Testosterone & Weight Loss, located at 28711 I-10, Boerne, TX 78006, and live your best life now.

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