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Steve and Landyn Hutchinson: Junior High Sweethearts Shine Together (And Separately) Through Two Massively Successful Careers

In a hyper-paced, flashy world, Steve and Landyn Hutchinson are still the real deal. They fell in love when they were 14 years old, somewhere within the carpeted hallways of their junior high school. Nearly three decades later, they’ve lived a few lifetimes since sneaking kisses in-between classes and sharing a locker. Two children, four cities, an election into the Pro Football Hall of Fame and an explosively successful women’s lifestyle brand later, they still end phone calls with, “Love you, sweetie.”

“We’ve been a team from the start, and I think that’s why we’ve been able to not only grow as a couple, but push each other to grow as individuals,” says Landyn, lifestyle influencer, blogger and accidental entrepreneur. She grew her cozy, bedside chats about beauty products, DIY, motherhood, recipes and travels into a thriving community of devotees–some of whom flock to Nashville from over the world just to snap Selfies in her path, dine in her favorite restaurants and stroll through her stylish retail store that’s tucked inside of West Nashville’s luxury L&L Market.

Former Tennessee Titan Steve has a few irons in the fire, too. One of them is merely preparing emotionally for his upcoming induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. "I've been to it once for a friend. It's overwhelming, but manageable, but that was from sitting in the crowd. This time, I only have 8 minutes to thank everyone who ever made me who I am!" he quips. 


  • Voted into Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2020; enshrinement during August 2020 postponed due to COVID-19 and rescheduled for this coming Aug. 8.
  • NFL former 6-feet-5-inch offensive guard for 12 seasons:  No. 73 Tennessee Titans and No. 76 for both Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks (Hawks picked him in first round of 2001 NFL Draft).
  • Retired from professional football in March 2013. College football game analyst for Fox Sports during 2015. Served as Titans scout 2016-2017. Joined Seattle Seahawks front office as a football consultant for personnel in 2020.
  • Seven-time Pro Bowl selection.
  • Played college football for University of Michigan; named a unanimous All-American.
  • Born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Father of two children, Lily and Luke. Dad of Yellow Labrador, Jack.
  • Avid hunter and fisherman.
  • Intense enthusiast of outdoor, live-fire cooking – including roasting in coals, wiring and basting for complex, fire-kissed flavors.
  • About three-quarters completed for achieving certified pilot license, completing a dream he’s had for 15 years.

But the Hutchinsons haven’t always led a life of charm and opulence. The South Florida natives were both raised in blue-collar families and found their way to Nashville in 2012 after Steve’s illustrious career playing for the Seattle Seahawks and Minnesota Vikings led him to sign a lofty contract with the Titans.

“We both came from nothing, and we came from it together. The more success I experienced in my career, the stronger we became as a unit. No matter how stressful things got or how many times I said, ‘Landyn, we have to pick up and move again,’ she said, ‘Alright, let’s do it.’ She owned her role in our home and loved it. So, when I retired and she got the opportunity to build something of her own, the roles flipped overnight. Immediately, I was all in for it to be her time,” says Steve.

And, much like her husband, a highly-recruited player coming out of high school in 1996 who had no idea that his football career at the University of Michigan would lead him to the NFL, Landyn’s professional evolution also was one of being highly excellent, hopeful and likeable, but with no dazzling expectations of power or prestige.

In fact, her first profit came from an Old Navy tank top that she pulled from the back of her closet.

After amassing a decent following on Facebook and Instagram, Landyn thought it would be fun to build a website where she could share her recipes and spark meaningful conversations. But, despite her husband urging her to fund the website construction and branding from their joint account, she insisted upon doing it on her own.

“I decided to sell my clothes. I styled each item on a mannequin, took cute pictures and listed them for sale. Then I wrapped them in beautiful tissue paper with stickers that read, ‘Living With Landyn.’ In a single weekend, I made $3,000. I couldn’t believe it,” she says.

A few weeks later, with a sleek website and a freshly designed logo, she realized she had more than a following; she'd built a community.

Landyn eventually was struck with the idea to open up a storefront. "Fear will stop you from doing all sorts of things, but sometimes you just have to jump and figure it out,” she says.

And figure it out she did. In the fall of 2019, she turned on the lights and swung open the doors. The store’s launch was a huge smash, and Landyn soon realized that despite hiring multiple employees, she couldn’t be 10 different women in a single day anymore.

One night, Steve sat his wife down on the edge of the bed, urging her to let him take over some of the household responsibilities. After decades of round-the-clock servitude, it was time for her to stretch and shine all on her own. Both reluctantly and gratefully, she agreed – a decision that’s been magical for all involved.

Although he continues to do seasonal consulting work, while Landyn is most often buzzing about her store, rushing in-between meetings and recording for her podcast–wearing a dozen entrepreneurial hats in a span of 24 hours, Steve can most often be found at home, folding the laundry, chopping the herbs and onion, throwing smash burgers or salmon fillets on the grill and preparing delectable spreads for his family.

“I always knew Steve was an insanely hard worker and that when he sets out to do something, he gives all of himself. But I’ve loved seeing him shine in a whole new way. I honestly haven’t had the same delicious dinner twice in the last year, and every night is better than the one before,” says Landyn.

“I love a good handbag, don’t get me wrong. But those things are the icing on the cake, and it’s about the cake for me, which is my family and relationships. People will spot me at HomeGoods without a bra or makeup on and I’m like, ‘Yep, this is me! What you see is what you get, just like you see it on Instagram,” she laughs. “I’ve never set out to be anything other than a great mom, a great wife and a friend that people can count on. That remains the core of what I do. Somehow I got lucky enough to be able to share it with the world.”

Steve says he loves watching Landyn succeed, but this role reversal's been wonderful for other reasons, too. "My football career was extremely demanding and took me away a lot for so long. But now that I’ve been helping her run the show at home, I’ve been able to find my creative groove with grilling, cooking and exploring the culinary world,” he adds.

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