Local Agent Providing Peace of Mind

"My Job Is To Be The Best Part Of Someone's Worst Day"

What attracted you to a career in the insurance industry?

I have experienced firsthand the benefits of being properly insured. I was born and raised in New Orleans, and when I was getting ready to start my freshman year of high school, Hurricane Katrina hit. State Farm® put my family up in an apartment, helped rebuild our house, and took care of us so my school wasn't interrupted and my dad's work wasn't interrupted.

Also, when my daughter became really sick and ended up in the hospital, State Farm once again took care of my family.

What inspired you to open your own State Farm agency?

I became an agent in 2018, and my experiences created a passion that ultimately led to me applying for my own agency. Sara Anglin State Farm Insurance opened in Nashville in June of 2021.

I enjoy being able to share my life experiences with clients and explain what I recommend and why so that they can properly protect themselves. There's nothing better than when a customer comes in to bring me a gift or sends a card because they're so grateful for my help. My job is to be the best part of someone's worst day.

I'm also really blessed with developing relationships with my team members and helping them achieve their goals, whether that is in my office or expanding to open their own businesses one day. I'm able to be an aid to them as they pursue their careers and I get to see them grow from salespeople to insurance professionals where the more they get pushed and learn, the better they get. And, to see their excitement of becoming more confident and overcoming some of their fears is very rewarding.

I also see this career as a way to be successful without missing a beat of my children’s lives. I have two daughters and I also want them to see what they can achieve with hard work. There's nothing better than when my 4 year old goes past my sign at the office and says, ‘Mommy, that's you!’ For her to see that and be able to look up to me in that way is great.

What should people look for when choosing an insurance agent?

An insurance expert assists with purchasing the right policies. When people go online, a lot of times they just price shop and they may not know how little protection they’re getting. They sometimes don't really understand that until it affects them and by then it's too late.

It’s also really important to find someone who has real life experience in addition to professional experience. Find someone you can have confidence in and who enjoys getting to know you face to face, because the more they get to know you, the more they will care about you and feel responsible for you and your family.

Having a local agent with an office nearby is also much better than trying to get through to just anyone at an 800 number. You want to have somebody who can come out, write a check for you right then and there, and get you and your family set up somewhere. Or, to get that rental car right away so you can get to work. Honestly, you can't put a price on that kind of peace of mind.


Sara Anglin

Insurance agent and owner of a State Farm agency

1.      Home life

My husband, Daniel Anglin, and I live in Franklin with our two daughters - Riley, who is almost 4, and Madison Grace, who is almost 1 year old. We also have a mini red toy poodle named Bubba.

2.      Free time

We have a great neighborhood with a lot of kids and we spend almost every weekend hanging out with the other parents while the kids play.

3.      Travel

We like to go to Dollywood and Gatlinburg. We went to Disneyland for the first time last summer, and we're going to Disney World this summer.

4.      Mom and business owner

I would recommend this career to any mom. This is the best gig out there.

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