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Local Artist Marless Fellows Draws Inspiration from the West

Marless Fellows feels her journey to becoming a well-known local artist was a slow and steady process.

"My initial inspiration came from childhood. I would watch my father draw elephants, and I thought it was amazing. They were cartoon-like, and I always wished he had nurtured that gift."

Marless recalls that her father being a cowboy not only inspired her doodles in school but also tapped into her creativity, long-term. In her 30s, her husband’s grandfather visited, and being an artist himself, he helped her find an outlet through art. 

"He helped me cultivate my artistic abilities." 

After five years and classes focused on the many facets of art, Marless started to find out about farmers markets and art shows. She started doing larger shows and truly grew as an artist.

"Art is therapy to me. I get lost in it," she says.

Marless now teaches private lessons and courses for art gallery Ciolim.

"I had been showing for a number of years at my previous studio and at the Arizona Fine Art Expo which I still participate in and love."

The Expo allows her to feel inspired by other artists and build deeper connections with clients. She loves to share her journey with others, as well as the process of being an artist.

"I primarily paint in a Western look and feel, as that was my heritage. I was a barrel racer as a young child and love that lifestyle. My husband is from Montana, and I have evolved in my painting by pulling additional inspiration from our visits there."

Marless' best advice is that artists put together a notebook of inspirations, pictures and photos.

"When it’s filled, you start seeing patterns within yourself. You change and grow and evolve in what you collect, and that's the exciting part."

Visit for details on events and classes.

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