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From pop-up markets to locally owned boutiques, find unique art that touches your soul.

Heather Bergholt, Pick it Place Designs

Quote: “Wherever my art may lead, I hope it brings a sense of happy to everyone and every decorative space.”

In 2013, art was being used as a therapeutic practice for Heather, painting bold colors and bright flowers encouraged optimism, enthusiasm and joy. Her first piece sold in 2017, launching her hobby into a business.

Her artwork is hand painted on wood, “I love the texture of wood, it offers something different than traditional canvases.  It can be interior or exterior art.” Heather paints botanical art, beginning with a sketch and filling the image with a bold color combination. She then outlines the details with bold black lines, allowing the artwork to pop against any setting.

Heather has taken her work to local festivals, businesses and nonprofit organizations. You can find her pieces at the Healthy Lifestyle Network, The Funky Shack and more. “I think what makes my art, or products unique, are the bold color combinations in conjunction with the bright and happy floral designs!”

Follow her on Instagram @pickitplacedesigns

Kent Applegate, Pottery by Kent

Quote: “I hope my pottery inspires our community to appreciate and support the arts.”

Kent has been a professional potter for about 26 years, specializing in functional handmade pottery from bake ware to lighthouse candle holders. Having resided all over the world, Kent’s pottery is influenced by the cultures and art forms that have shaped him.

The richness of clay runs deep in Kent’s blood. His mother, being an art teacher, surrounded Kent with the arts. It was she who taught him how to work clay on a potter’s wheel. Kent’s parents also worked in the factory of his grandmothers well known ceramics business in California.

Creating functional pottery allows people to not only cherish a piece, but to use and enjoy the piece as well. For example, the amount of detail that goes into a mug by Kent is astounding. From shaping it to firing it twice, there are up to eight steps when making one mug. Each piece from Kent is a memory of art with his mother, a resemblance of places once lived and hard work in his studio.  

You can find pottery by Kent at The Peachtree City Farmers Market, Local Provisions in Newnan, Etsy and email potterybykent@gmail.com

Katie Mattson, Peach State Made

Quote: “I love that I can take a memory from someone's life and make it into a beautiful piece of art.”

Katie Mattson has been creating custom rustic photo boards on wood for over three years. She will take a cherished photo and burn it onto a piece of distressed wood. Sealing the photo will ensure its quality and the result is a board that looks like it’s been in a fire with ash marks and burnt edges. She is creating a timeless piece that will be passed down for many generations.

Mattson is freezing a special moment in time for her customers. “I love that I can take a memory from someone's life and make it into a beautiful piece of art. Every photo has a story behind it and my customers love to share that story with me. Some stories make me cry and some make me laugh.”

Teaming up with local photographers has helped Mattson reach even more customers here in Fayette County. She receives unique photos from people who are proud of something in their lives. She’s seen photos of families, flags, animals, shoes and more. Each of these photos translate into a keepsake that will live on walls for years to come.

Place your order by emailing Katie directly, peachstatemade@gmail.com

Frances Hanson, Fran’s Fun Flowers

Quote: “Everything is done by hand and each product is unique.”

Have you ever heard of something as unique as a handmade paper flower bouquet for a wedding? About 7 years ago, Frances Hanson’s daughter requested just that, along with paper flower table décor. Frances took this request seriously and spent about a year working with different materials and refining her techniques before she found her true calling.

By using sheet music and repurposed books, Frances is creating hand crafted, one-of-a-kind paper floral creations. Every single petal is hand cut, an important part of the process. “There are a lot of tools and machines available today, but to me hand-cutting is the true essence of the craft and it means that every finished item is truly unique,” Frances states.

When selecting a piece of sheet music or illustrated book for your bouquet, you can rest assured that every page will be included in your floral arrangement. Representing the entire story, lyrics or tune is what these masterpieces are all about, it tells the full story.

Each arrangement is placed in a carefully selected repurposed vase, these could be teapots, cups, vases and more. You can find Fran’s Flowers at Treasure Old and New in Newnan, you can also send custom requests to Fran directly at fransfunflowers@hotmail.com

Harry Tallman, Wood & Metal Creations

Quote: “I hope those who see my designs, stop and realize it’s not just a lamp that lights up a room.”

Steam punk, rustic and industrial. That is how Harry Tallman of Wood & Metal Creations would describe his lamps. Harry became interested in this rare craft during his time as an activities director for an assisted living facility.

“I realized the seniors were not utilizing skills they acquired over many years in the work place or that pertained to their careers,” Harry states. “This idea was a way to engage them in activities that would increase their cognitive function and enhance their creativity and mental sharpness.”

Each lamp is made out of wood and metal with a variety of gears, pulleys, brass gauges and more. He begins by placing these pieces on a worktable, “I start grabbing, fitting, positioning and assemble what actually becomes a pretty cool piece.” Once, there was an antique porcelain bed pan on the table and guess what… it was used in one of his lamps.

In 2014, he turned his passion into a job, making wood and metal lamps for the public. Each lamp is unique and artistic, yet functional for the everyday home or office. Customers have brought their own treasured items, like a transmission gear from a 1967 Mustang, to be integrated into a lamp.

Harry sets up at fine arts festivals throughout Georgia, you can see his schedule here: www.facebook.com/woodmetalcreations

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