Local Business Round Up

Highlighting Establishments Owned by Women, Veterans & People of Color

Chattanooga is a city often known for its vibrance. Oftentimes, this vibrance is attributed to the vast outdoor experiences available throughout town. The planning stages for this issue, however, kept drawing us to the vibrance of the people who live, work, and thrive here. The growing number of small businesses throughout the city adds multifaceted threads to the cloth that make up the very fabric of who we are. This month, we are thrilled to highlight small businesses that are owned and operated by women, veterans, and people of color--vibrant threads of the Chattanooga fabric.

Eros Hat Co.

Where: 45 East Main Street, Suite 104

Owned by Kim Thompson, Eros Hat Co. is an experience-based boutique located in the heart of Southside on East Main Street. You can tell your heart story through an intentional piece of permanent jewelry, create your very own custom hat or collaborate with them to design the perfect earscape and enjoy luxury ear piercing. | Photo: Rich Smith Photography

Contact: (205) 533-1726 |

Spice Trail

Where: 850 Market Street, Suite 106

Proudly owned and operated by female entrepreneur Sujata Singh, Spice Trail is an Indian restaurant and marketplace. Their commitment to excellence extends to our cuisine and products, which are of the highest quality through a curated, limited and concise menu.  Additionally, they enhance the experience by providing cooking classes and private dinners. | Photo: Sarah Unger

Contact: (423) 654-7999 |

MILK Boutique

Where: 712 Dartmouth Street

Starr Card, owner of MILK Boutique, helps you find and develop a personal style that is authentically your own. Inspired from an early age by her grandmother’s fashion sense, Starr’s own style has grown and evolved into a mix of staples and seasonal wear, as have her abilities to match her clients with the perfect products. | Photo: Casey Yoshida

Contact: (423) 298-3737 |

North Star Boutique

Where: 313 Manufacturers Road, Suite C118

Owned by Josselyn Nielsen, North Star Boutique is a women's boutique with beautiful modest styles and carrying inclusive sizes XS-3XL. North Star Boutique believes each woman is divinely made and worthy of styles that showcase the inner beauty within. 

Contact: (423) 888-6557 |

Vityl Media

Where: 1216 East Main Street, Suite 220

Vityl Media began in 2018 when creative team, Justin and Shadrina Booker, decided to turn their passion into a career. Motivated by the lack of production companies serving nonprofits and schools in the Chattanooga Area, they set out to create an organization that thoughtfully told the amazing stories of great organizations, businesses, and schools in our area. | Photo: Vityl Media

Contact: (423) 313-6335 |

Hacker Medias

Where: 7625 Hamilton Park Drive, Suite 13

Owned by Kris Hacker, Hacker Medias is a family-focused photography company that loves capturing your most important and memorable moments in a vibrant and beautiful way. #yougothacked is much more than a hashtag. Find out why! | Photo: Hacker Medias

Contact: (423) 693-8606 |

Red Eyed Rooster Co.

Where: Mobile Coffee Truck

Red Eyed Rooster Coffee Company is a Chattanooga born business owned and operated by Joe and Andrea Hill, a veteran female and husband and wife team. With beans sourced from local roaster, New Wave Coffee, and chai tea from Cheiman Tea, Red Eyed Rooster travels around the city and surrounding areas in their mobile coffee truck serving local businesses, schools, and events. Joe and Andrea's favorite aspect of their business is creating community using coffee as their platform. 

Contact: (770) 366-9288 |

Biskit NV

Where: 270 South Ocoee Street | Cleveland, TN

Owned by Natosha Vera, Biskit NV was established in October 2021. A second generation family-operated restaurant, Biskit NV serves up recipes that have been passed down for decades. Known as the “Biskit Capital of the World'', Vera and her family provide a place where you and your family can experience mile-high biskits and community. | Photo: Alderman Group

Contact: (423) 473-3016 |

Chatter Box Cafe

Where: 6801 Shallowford Road

Owned by Brandon Ellis, Chatter Box Cafe is a catering and mobile food truck business that specializes in southern wood-fired BBQ. Ellis has been featured on the Food Network and The Cooking Channel show “Food Paradise'' showcasing his culinary creations. Reach out when planning your wedding reception, family reunion, corporate gatherings, or other special event. | Photo: Abigail Grey Photo

Contact: (423) 504-8927 |

CPR Wrap


CPR Wrap is a groundbreaking and life-saving innovation designed to transform the way we respond to emergencies. Invented by Felicia Jackson, the simple yet ingenious product empowers individuals of all ages and backgrounds to perform effective CPR with confidence and precision. By providing clear visual guidance and eliminating the guesswork, CPRWrap ensures that anyone can become a capable first responder, ultimately increasing the chances of saving lives during critical moments of cardiac arrest. | Photo: Chris Shaw

Contact: (423) 827-4535 |

Kendra Simons, owner of The SimonWest Agency, is a Chattanooga-based entrepreneur. A regular Chattanooga City Lifestyle contributor, Simons provides photography, videography, virtual assisting, and social media & brand management services. | Photo: John Adams

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