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Relax and Rejuvenate in the New Year

Light and Energy Therapeutics: They are dedicated to providing a peaceful environment that promotes health and wellness for the body, mind, and spirit. 313 S. Jupiter Road, Ste. 210, Allen, TX 75002

We Whiten: They offer teeth-whitening services to give you the beautiful, pearly-white smile you've been searching for. 905 Watters Creek Blvd., 2nd Floor, Ste. 151, Allen, TX 75013

Live Young Wellness: Step into a world of rejuvenation and discover the epitome of med spa excellence. 820 Alma Drive, Ste. 130, Allen, TX 75013

SweatHouz: A unique infrared sauna and cold plunge recovery studio that offers a wellness experience like no other. 934 Watters Creek Blvd. Ste. 800, Allen, TX 75013

iCRYO: Imagine waking up tomorrow feeling like a better you. iCRYO can help you find a better tomorrow. 981 State Highway 121, Building D, Ste. 4100, Allen, TX 75013

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Pamper yourself in the new year at serene spas and salons. Indulge in calming massages, revitalizing treatments, and a tranquil ambiance that promises relaxation. Unwind in soothing spaces designed to rejuvenate your mind and body. Embrace the self-care that you so greatly deserve, and start the year with a refreshed and revitalized spirit.

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