Local Love: A Boozy Twist on a Dessert Classic

One local woman used the pandemic lockdown to launch her unparalleled ice cream company

Alchimista Spiked Ice Cream is a one of a kind business taking a whole new twist on dessert. We spoke with owner, Gabriela Baumatz 

1. What was your inspiration behind spiked ice cream?

     My grandmother use to make ice cream for me when I was little and I loved it. I tried to replicate it over the years to bring a small piece of my grandma back into my home.

     When COVID hit, I had just opened my business in interior design (I’m an architect) and the work came to a stop because of lockdowns. Nobody wanted anyone in their homes. So I decided to go back to my passion. I tried again to make my grandmother’s ice cream recipe while also improving it. After lots of tests, I found a recipe that was good to me and amazing to everyone else. That was the moment when my dark chocolate ice cream was born. 

     From there, I started experimenting with more flavors and then I started adding alcohol to them. Along the way, I perfected the taste and texture of each one until I found the perfect pairing between alcohol and ice cream. We now have 14 flavors.

2. What are your plans for the future?

     My plan is to bring Alchimista Spiked Ice Cream into everyone’s home, into every social and corporate event.

3. What makes your business different/ special/ unique?

     My ice cream is artisanal. We use only fresh ingredients and premium alcohol. All of our flavors have up to 5 % of alcohol per volume. You can definitely feel the alcohol in every flavor

4. Where can readers find/purchase Alchimista?

     Choose your flavors online on our website: and get them at our production facility in Mamaroneck (360 C Mount Pleasant Ave, NY). Contact us through our website or directly by email: so we know when you are coming!

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