Local Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Hear some of our locals engaged in many types of discussion about different topics.

Did you know that there is currently over 1,750,000 podcasts and 43 million episodes available to listen to.  And the popularity in podcasts show no signs of abating.  

Podcasts can be fascinating. Many of them are educational.  Some are quite entertaining.  If you have a phone with you, which we all do, sky is the limit in the world of podcast topics.

Even if you’re not in Nashville, you can still enjoy our great town thanks to some fantastic local podcasts. Anything from true crime to fashion to sports there’s something for everyone. Here are some Nashville podcast options to help make that treadmill or drive just a little bit easier.  

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Feature #1

Small Title: Living Fully 

Large Title: Mallory Ervin Podcast


Mallory Ervin is a small town girl turned internet star. She grew up on a farm in Kentucky, the oldest of 23 first cousins destined for big things. After college she was Miss Kentucky and a runner up in the Miss America Pageant and a three time contestant and runner up on The Amazing Race with her father as her partner. Mallory then went on to host her own travel shows and become an online personality. She currently shares content on social media with nearly 800K followers, bringing a voice of joy to the online community.  Mallory continues to build an online brand that inspires others to begin LIVING FULLY. She resides here in Nashville, TN with her husband Kyle and their children.

In Mallory's own words, "We all need some encouragement and inspiration on this journey of being human. Life is about finding joy, happiness, satisfaction, and learning how to be connected in a world where so many people feel numb.  So whether you're in need of a major mindsey shift, or simply the best peach cobbler recipe in the land - you've come to the right place." 

Join Mallory Ervin as she brings the stories and lessons she and her guests have learned to help you awaken to your best life and truly begin LIVING FULLY.

Feature #2

Small Title: Religious 

Large Title: Just Believe - From Fear to Faith


Amy Phillips is a lover of Jesus, then a wife, mother, pastor, speaker and podcaster. She is an ordained pastor formally at at The Gate Community Church in Franklin.

With this weekly 5-minute devotional, you can ingest truth that leads to bold, outrageous faith. Join Amy on a journey of becoming more like Jesus.

Feature #3

Small Title: Sports

Large Title: Sore Losers


Based in Nashville, three friends in their 30’s who love to talk about sports...even if they aren’t right all the time! The show features commentary on daily sports stories with added humor and witty banter.

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Feature #4

Small Title: Life in The South

Large Title: Steel Magnolias 


Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, these sisters are proud to call the South home!   With the amount of new people moving to Nashville, and many are not familiar with the culture, they decided to start the Steel Magnolias Podcast.

"The podcast explores the culture of the American South and the why and how we cook the way we cook, decorate the way we decorate, host the way we host, talk the way we talk and much, much more!"

A ‘steel magnolia’ is a chiefly southern term for a woman who exemplifies both traditional femininity as well as an uncommon fortitude. 

Feature # 5

Small Title: 2 dads keeping whiskey fun since 2016 

Large Title: Dads Drinking Bourbon


Two dads from Nashville, Tennessee that don’t get out as much as they used to.  They still like to get together once a week, drink whiskey, and record it to share with their listeners.

While these guys are, by their words, “not experts”, they want to make you #rethinkhowyoudrink.  

Blind tastings and side-by-side reviews ables them to give their most honest reviews of the whiskeys they are trying.  Characteristics they look for: proof, mashbill, age, etc. and find comparable whiskeys to the one we are reviewing.

If you have something you would like featured, don’t heists to reach out the them.   

Feature #6

Small Title: ALL THE THINGS 

Large Title: Living with Landyn Podcast


Living with Landyn is a fixture in the Nashville scene.  She is where you go for some comic relief in this crazy world.  She's like a best girlfriend to all of her followers on Instagram.  

As an extension to social media platform and store in L&L Market, you can find Landyn on her podcast.  She gives advice on "ALL THE THINGS"!  Lifestyle, food, family, beauty, fashion and relationships.  

You'll hear from some of the best in the business, friends, family and Landyn herself in the fan-favorite Q&A episodes.

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Feature #7

Small Title: In-Depth Interviews with Nashville's Favorites

Large Title: Bobby Bones Show


The Bobby Bones Show is an American nationally syndicated country music radio show aired during the morning drive.. In-depth interviews with songwriters, producers and artists in Nashville that reveal the stories behind the biggest songs, candid anecdotes and personal stories.  Bobby hosts the show with co-hosts Lunchbox and Amy.  

Feature #8

Small Title: Host Chris Green brings stories of Middle Tennessee

Large Title: The 99% Local Podcast


The 99% Local Podcast exists to brings stories from Middle Tennessee entrepreneurs, business owners, organizations, musicians, authors, and other creators. Everybody has a story, their own unique upbringings, and passions for why they are doing what they are doing and host Chris Green digs into their unique stories.  

Many different guests have been featured so log on to hear what these interesting Middle Tennessee folks have to say.  

Feature #9

Small Title: Comedic DADS

Large Title: Raising Nashville Podcast


Raising Nashville is about a couple of dads who talk about raising kids, living in the booming city of Nashville, and maybe some pop culture topics.  

These guys like to take a comedic approach to many different topics.  Music, legends, the election, grandparents, movies and more.  

"Let us be your guide...or your cautionary tale...on the Raising Nashville Podcast." - Raising Nashville

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