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Photo courtesy of Bjork Caviar

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Local Provides Sustainable Caviar to Love

Swedish-born chef and owner of only caviar supplier in Las Vegas

If it weren’t for Swedish-born Chef Christian Sandefeldt’s charming smile, reassuring demeanor, and endearing accent, this 6’3” bearded Herculean fellow would likely inspire fear. There is no mistaking he is an imposing figure, an attribute that he agrees served him well in his more than 30 years as a chef in kitchens of restaurants and events from Stockholm to London. He commands attention, and after you taste his cuisine, respect and admiration follow.

Christian grew up in a hotel and restaurant family and has been cooking for as long as he can remember. Self-taught, he prefers to go by his moniker, in lieu of the more formal “Chef.” Christian relocated his family from London to Las Vegas in 2016 to embark on his second act, the next adventure in his culinary career…farming and importing caviar.

Christian had developed a reputation in Europe as an expert in sustainably sourced fish and seafood preparation, thanks to his time at various exclusive eateries in London. Just at the time in his career when Christian was feeling burnt-out on cooking, due to the long grueling hours, he was recruited into the caviar world, allowing for a shift into consulting and sales. Christian traded his chef whites for waders and his kitchens for fisheries to partner with Carelian Caviar, the first fully sustainable Sturgeon farm in the world, located in North Carelia, Finland. Christian went on to learn the intricacies of the decadent salted roe closely associated with wealth and fine dining. Fortunately for us, he’s brought his knowledge and expertise to Las Vegas.

Christian now owns Bjork Caviar, the only Las Vegas-based caviar supplier, which remains true to its founder’s sustainability goals by solely importing responsibly sourced caviar from small farms around the world. The rigorous ecological standards observed by these farms is believed to yield superior caviar, rich and creamy in flavor, delicate, and smooth in texture.

You can savor Bjork Caviar at some of the most exclusive properties on the Las Vegas Strip. Christian fulfills custom orders to suit the needs of chefs at Zuma, Guy Savoy, and Raku, but also the demanding palates of their foodie clientele. Or, as the only caviar company to go to your home, hotel, or event space, you can have one of Bjork Caviar’s Caviar Sommeliers guide you through an extensive collection of caviars from around the world. Or for a relaxed tasting, stop into Christian’s recently opened storefront shop at 1130 South Casino Center Boulevard, Suite 140, in Downtown Las Vegas, which is open during normal business hours and by appointment.

Caviar, thought to be a potent aphrodisiac, is often paired with champagne, served on crackers or sushi as an elegant edible on special occasions, like Valentine’s Day. Christian, however, is a purist. He dismisses the aphrodisiac lore and recommends it be eaten alone accompanied by the more traditional vodka. He invites you to experience Bjork Caviar for yourselves with a private tasting event in your home or office on Valentine's Day or any other day.

The rigorous ecological standards observed by these farms is believed to yield superior caviar, rich and creamy in flavor, delicate, and smooth in texture.

  • Photo courtesy of Bjork Caviar
  • Photo courtesy of Bjork Caviar