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Get Lost in These Professional Works by Fellow Ohioans

Everyone has a story to tell. From the 17,000-year-old cave paintings in southwestern France to the stories our mothers read to us when we were young, stories feed our imagination; they help us to better understand each other, and they bring us together.

For over five years, the mighty team at Springboro-based Braughler Books has been helping authors tell their stories. From memoirs to children’s books, business books and inspirational/self-help books, President and Owner David Braughler has worked closely with over 100 Ohio-based authors. 

“We take a very collaborative approach with our authors. We’re there to answer their questions and point out the ones they didn’t know to ask,” he said. “It’s a privilege to help others share their stories, and we take that very personally—and do our best to help our authors publish a book that’s even better than they imagined.”

A professionally published book takes work, from editing to cover design to the layout of the chapters inside the book. And then there are printing and distribution. Authors have more choices than ever for publishing their stories, so it’s critical to find a publishing partner who shares your vision—one who can help you reach your goals. 

Helping people publish books is something that Braughler is very passionate about. “Stories matter,” he said, “and helping people tell their stories in the best way possible is our way of making a difference in the world. We’ve had authors tell us that we changed their lives. That’s what keeps us going—to do our very best.” 

Here Braughler shares three summer reading recommendations from local authors he’s published. To learn more, visit www.BraughlerBooks.com.

Just Give Me The Road

Longtime South Dayton-based writer and first-time author Anne Marie Romer shares a very personal story of her sister Kathy’s unyielding determination to restore her son to wellness. “Kathy fell into her sister’s embrace in the Advocate Illinois Masonic Hospital lobby in Chicago. ‘Just give me the road,’ she whispered into the safety of her sister’s arms. ‘I don't care how long it takes, just give me the road.’” Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


A story of sisterhood, perseverance and hope, as a family comes together to overcome tragedy.

Ember’s Dragons 

The debut novel from 18-year-old Isabel Tilton of Liberty Township, Ember’s Dragons takes readers on a fantastic journey alongside young hero Ember Winters. “The world was in a panic. As reports of dragons were being recorded across the world, the government and news scrambled to explain what was being seen. However, no one was buying it. Ember Winters was one of the few that remained unfazed. That was until two dragons landed in her backyard looking for her help.” Available in e-book and print on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


The perfect escape from reality for the young Gen Z reader in your family.

Finding Maggie

This work by Akron-area native Terry Sykes-Bradshaw is the story of one woman who has to leave home to find what she never knew was missing. “Maggie Murphy never intended to run away. She had the perfect life. Perfect husband. Perfect kids. Or did she? If life was so perfect why did she go out for coffee very early one morning and end up living a new life in Sweet River, South Carolina?” Available in e-book and print on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


Paired with a glass of chilled wine, this is a quintessential summer patio or poolside read. 

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