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Sandra Krause Warm Glass Decor

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The Gulf Coast is known for it's beauty and those who call it home are no different. Beautifully gifted in their artistic abilities, this month we are featuring three of our local loves in the art arena, showcasing their unique works and perspectives. Whether you're looking for a one-of-a-kind art piece that makes a statement, tells a story, or wears beautifully to capture a moment, we know that you'll love them as much as we do. Art is much more than decoration, it's a way of life along the gulf coast. 

From their initial creations and varied backgrounds, their innate ability to capture the world through their artistic medium offers it's owners a glimpse into another world. As you walk along our beautiful, white sandy beaches consider that someone you now know, has taken the time and placed great effort into raising ecological awareness. Whether you're buying, building, or decorating, we invite you to peruse the artwork and pops of coastal color that spring passion, peace, and persona into your living space.  Out for dinner on the town or simply looking for the perfect gift? We offer you an opportunity to get to know our artists by indulging in a unique statement piece. These artists are sure to put a smile on your face. 

Each artist is as unique as the fingerprints on your hand. Sandra Krause, an evolving warm glass artist and jewelry maker. J.D. Swiger & Michael Swiger, digital and mixed media artists, offering education and evolution through sculptures of transforming trash found along our beaches into treasure and mural artists. And Crawford McWilliams, utilizing her passion for pops of color and creations of calm that showcase interior design delicacies. We love their artworks and are sure that you will too! 



Sandra started her artistic endeavors after taking an art class in Mobile, AL . She found her passion in working with Warm Glass. "Warm glass became a passion of mine rather unexpectedly and I embraced it." Her studio became a haven for her to expand and to begin making warm glass art. As a mostly self taught artist her works range from water colors, jewelry making, and warm glass works. The desire to create has always been there for her. Growing as an artist and within the art community has allowed her talents to develop naturally. Creating unique and elegant art pieces offers those a window into her world.

JD & Michael Swiger 


Brothers and business partners, JD & Michael Swiger are fresh on the scene with a array of artistic pieces that are challenging the norm. JD Swiger isn't taking anything for granted including the place he calls home. Swiger is known for his ability to create unusual pieces from unconventional items and wall art murals. Some of his most interesting art works are pieces formed from litter along the beach .In 2010 Swiger began his artistic journey when he realized that "the world had a growing need for artists evolving in the digital age." 



In 2017 after the passing of her mother, Crawford began creating art full time as she worked through the grief. Her passions and talent blossomed into a career. From an early age when she first began taking art classes to the present, Crawford pulls her inspiration for creation from all over. "I am inspired by everything around me. Architecture, nature, and everyday objects. Memories also play an important role in my work. I can see a certain color and it will bring back a sense of familiarity from a past experience or place I've visited. Those flashes of beauty and familiarity strongly influence my energetic, expressive painting style. I am fanatical about color and I don't think that I could ever pick just one to be my favorite."

  • Sandra Krause
  • Sandra Krause Warm Glass Decor
  • Sandra Krause Warm Glass Decor
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  • Crawford McWilliams Art