Locks of Luxury

How Copper + Mane uplifts beauty professionals and clients through elegantly constructed salon suites

Abby Diggs has always loved doing hair. By working in salon suites, she has had the freedom to be her own boss. Come 2021, Diggs was inspired to take her career to the next level through Copper + Mane Luxury Salon Suites, dreaming of an upscale spot for independent stylists just like her.

“With most salon suites around Austin, the landlords just want the bills paid, but don’t value their tenants or want to improve the overall look of their salons,” says Diggs. “I wanted to create a space that gave each individual beauty professional a luxury feel with little start-up costs, as well as provide benefits that are appreciated for individual businesses.”

These benefits include maternity leave, vacation time, on-site laundry, and fully furnished workspaces. For the next couple of years, Diggs continued to see her values come to life in a special way.

Once the nine move-in-ready studios were completed, Diggs and her new team honored the hard work that went into it all with a grand opening party. It was one for the books, complete with a variety of local vendors showing their support.

“To see it all come to light was amazing, especially because we celebrated with our tenants and families,” says Diggs. “The problem with most salon suites is that the number of tenants gets so large that it’s hard to connect. Keeping the salon suite number to a minimum has really allowed me to connect well with each business owner.”

Diggs has felt incredibly fulfilled seeing how happy the tenants of Copper + Mane are. Between monthly meals and regular events for socializing, the women behind the studios have the opportunity to truly get to know one another. This makes for an improved experience for them and their clients.

For everyone involved, it’s all about style. Salon suites require a well-curated style that serves as a reflection of the establishment’s identity and aids in the client’s desire to feel pampered, indulged, and confident.

“Style to me is known as a distinctive appearance,” says Diggs. “Copper + Mane Luxury Salon Suites have their own style—luxury. We plan to continue to keep our style up to date, as style will always change throughout the years, and we hope to grow to allow more beauty professionals to experience our level of style.”

Visit the Copper + Mane team at 205 Cedar Park Dr, Suite 300 or online at

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