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Natural hair extensions for volume.

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Longer, Thicker Hair

Explore the beautiful world of hair extensions

Article by Sue Baldani

Photography by Chris Jorda Photography & Provided

Originally published in Morris City Lifestyle

Hair extensions are an easy and quick solution when looking for longer, fuller hair. But, not all extensions are created equal.

“We prefer the Great Lengths brand, which is one of the best extensions you can have, not just for the quality of the hair, but because of the way they are fused onto the client’s existing hair,” says Raul Grippaldi, expert stylist and owner of Trendz Color & Design Salon in Florham Park.

Great Lengths thermal technology grants an easy and clean application process since it doesn’t require any use of glue or melted wax, and as a result, closely resembles the structure and behavior of human hair. At the same time, the application is totally safe and comfortable and more importantly, does not harm the natural hair. “When the GL3200 machine heats up, it’s the same temperature as an average curling iron,” he says.

Great Lengths also provides extensive training for stylists to ensure that their products are applied and removed properly. It’s critical to have someone who has this training and is certified to handle the extensions, because if not done correctly, they can be very damaging to hair. The extension technician at Trendz not only applies them, but also removes them so clients’ natural hair maintains its health throughout the entire process.

Depending on the client’s goal, there are different types of hair extensions available. “For short-term wear such as for weddings, we can use temporary Clip-Ins. Another is Tape-Ins using semi-permanent tapes, which last about four to six weeks. There are also Sew-In extensions, and then the Hot Fusion Keratin Extensions which last the longest, between four to six months.”

To determine the best solution for each client, and before any extension appointment is booked, an initial consultation is done. “We look at the person’s head shape and discuss the style, length and color that will look the best,” says Raul.

When it comes to maintaining the extensions, the salon recommends and carries Great Lengths hair-care products, and clients are given a maintenance sheet to follow at home. “Clients will shampoo and condition them just like regular hair, brush them every day, and put hair up when they sleep.” There are a few other easy-to-do steps.”

Trendz also offers free check-ins for the long-lasting extensions to make sure clients are caring for them properly and to fill-in any areas, if necessary.

Extensions can actually protect and promote healthier hair, because they create a buffer between client’s real hair and the extensions. “When you get color or when you brush your hair or are in the sun, those extensions create a little protection for your natural hair,” he says. “Also, you don’t have to color as often because you can highlight your hair with the same extensions.”

For those who have thinning hair, or want a style that their natural hair cannot produce, adding extensions can truly enhance a client’s overall appearance and boost confidence. Extensions also give a versatility to one’s style with the application of various lengths and colors.

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“There are a lot of benefits to getting hair extensions.”

  • Natural hair extensions for length.
  • Natural hair extensions for volume.
  • Raul. onwer of Trendz, full service hair, nails and spa salon in Florham Park, NJ