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Get Set to Hit the Beach for a Winter Getaway— Self Care Before You Go

Jen Barnett and Jessica Carson, owners of the Radiant Waxing franchise in Bend, were neighbors in Eugene who became friends when their sons started playing sports together. As then stay-at-home moms who enjoyed their self-care routines, they decided to open a business in the self-care industry.

“When our guests walk in the door, we want a comfortable, professional, yet warm environment, especially because of the intimacy of what we do,” says Barnett. “We have an incredible team who creates an atmosphere that allows our guests to feel welcome and know they are our top priority while we provide their services.”  

One of these team members, Danielle Thompson, who is also the manager of the salon, has been an aesthetician for almost 15 years. “Knowing that you are there for clients, and helping someone feel pretty and self-confident, is a beautiful thing,” she remarks.

While waxing is popular in the warmer months, she encourages her clients to keep it up all year round. “When you wax regularly, about every four to six weeks, the hair gets finer and the follicles get smaller, which makes the sessions easier and more comfortable,” notes Thompson. “The spa also has table warmers, so clients don’t have to be worried about being cold.”

This winter, if you’re planning a getaway to a warmer climate, Danielle suggests a self-care visit for waxing to show off healthy skin as you shed layers of clothing.

Waxing can also help avoid some common skin issues. “After waxing, you need to properly exfoliate and hydrate the skin so that hair can grow back evenly and not cause any ingrown hairs,” Thompson explains. “With shaving, people can get razor burn, ingrown hairs and folliculitis, and can end up with abscesses and bacteria if they aren’t grooming properly. Waxing definitely helps lessen those things, so it's more than just hair removal — it's a whole skin care program as well.”

For women, the most frequently requested spot for waxing is the bikini area, but many also do their underarms and at least the bottom halves of their legs. For men, the chest and back areas are the most commonly requested spots for hair removal. Eyebrow grooming is also popular for both genders now.

The wax used at Radiant Waxing was developed by an aesthetician and is very high quality. “It’s a strip wax that’s been formulated in a way that doesn't stick to skin and is not messy,” notes Thompson. “It's a really beautiful high quality wax that has properties in it to help calm the skin and lessen the inflammation that can sometimes be caused by waxing.”

Thompson explains that Radiant Waxing’s waxologists are thoroughly trained on techniques and very professional. The patterns for each body area used by Radiant Waxing also make the process fast and easy. “We specialize in speed waxing, using patterns,” says Thompson. “We can get our services done fast so people can get in and out.”


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