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Fabric swatches to find a custom look

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Look Sharp

Lake Zurich Shop Makes It Easy for a Gentleman to Look His Best.

Article by Marty Jalove

Photography by Graham Blus

Originally published in SW Lake Lifestyle

My watch band broke on the morning of my wedding. Maybe it was just good luck since I’ve been happily married for more than seven years.

With a busted watchband and a pending wedding ceremony, I took out my phone to search for something that would look anf feel good, and make me happy. Within minutes I purchased a few different styles; some casual, and a couple more formal.

While many men may love the thrill of the hunt, it’s a different story when shopping. I believe that we want to look sharp in the clothes we wear, but we don’t want to spend a whole bunch of time traveling between stores, making selections, trying them on and schlepping bags.

For my wedding tuxedo at Mr. Tux’s Formal Wear we had a team event with my son and brother, made more fun because of comradery. Most of the time I usually shop alone. I hate guessing sizes and flipping through racks. I have no tolerance for trying on clothes and waiting in line to check out.

Well, Chad and Susanne Dershaw, owners of Volle’s Bridal and Mr. Tux in Lake Zurich, may have heard my plea. Early 2022, after introducing a line of custom-made shirts, I was still skeptical. How long would this take? Would the fit be that different? Would there be enough variety?

I went in and got measured for a shirt. They only took two or three measurements before I was slipping on one of 100+/- “try-on” shirts. I was amazed with the fit. With a small tweak and an adjustment or two we were off to look at fabric swatches. Not only did I choose the perfect color and style, I picked buttons, pocket, collar, cuff, and monograming. My Mr. Tux shirt was delivered quickly, and I can order more just by giving them a call. That experience was my fastest and most efficient shopping trip ever.

Since then, Mr. Tux has expanded to include jackets, pants, suits and formal wear. You will have the exact same experience I had. Not only will the fit be right, but you’ll choose the details that makes this clothing your own and in your hands before you know it.

Guys will like being able to order more with just a phone call or quick visit for additional tailor-made clothing as needed. And if they gain or lose a little weight, any adjustments are just as quick.

Now I smile as I adjust my tie around my custom-made shirt. I grin as I tighten my belt around my made-to-order pants. And I beam as I slip on a perfectly fitted jacket because I look good, feel good, and Mr. Tux has made me happy.

Marty Jalove is a writer, entrepreneur, and personal & professional life coach. Learn more at A custom-fitted clothing experience is available at Mr. Tux’s Formal Wear at 53 S. Rand Road.

Wouldn’t it be ideal if I could order my custom wardrobe as quick as I found a new watch band? I want a professional to guide me through the basics and a quick way to order and receive nice looking clothing that looks good, feels good, and makes me happy.

  • Joe Menges gets expert help from Chad Dershaw
  • Carefully determining pant length
  • Fabric swatches to find a custom look
  • Customizing the perfect fit
  • All measurements are done precisely