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Where does your Compass point?

For Lori Abbey and The Abbey Collection serving the growing Denver community through Real Estate is just part of the mission. Lori has been an integral part of the Colorado Real Estate community for over 11 years sharing her knowledge and expertise with others as she grew The Abbey Collection with Compass to a team of 20 agents. Even with her growing team, Lori is as hands on as ever with active listings popping up year round. Lori has serviced the luxury home market for buyers and sellers. Lori has helped countless individuals and families find their perfect slice of Denver living, With some new listings coming around like 1733 Mountain Dr East and 5369 Moonlight, Lori has a busy summer ahead of her and The Abbey Collection.

Summer is always a busy time for Denver and Denver Real Estate, and it's even more active for Lori and her team, who serve luxury clients across the city.  Lori has a well-known philanthropic streak; you can usually find her and her team supporting many local organizations while closing deals near daily. Recently, The Abbey Collection participated in the Marshall Fires Free Market, where displaced families from the Marshall Fire could come and start to replace some of the physical items lost during the devastating Boulder community fires in 2021. Throughout the year, The Abbey Collection works to make an impact in the community that they help grow through Real Estate. Lori is also instrumental in organizing a Food Drive for Xcel Academy, providing meals, pies, and support during the holiday season. Supporting the community by growing the community is a significant part of what Lori and the Abbey Collection do. When she isn't landing listings or organizing events, she also finds time to serve on the Young Professionals Council. Being able to help, whether through helping you find your next house or donating resources and time, is the primary goal of Lori and the Abbey Collection.

 We spoke with Team Manager and fellow Agent Dejerae about all things Abbey Collection and where their Compass is pointing in 2022. Both Dejerae and Lori had dedicated moms and businesswomen, something they found in common six years ago when Dejerae joined The Abbey Collection. Dejerae has found that working somewhere you enjoy being is the key to a work-life balance. Both Dejerae, Lori, and the entire Abbey Collection are dedicated to serving the Denver community through philanthropy and purpose. One-stop through their social media, and you can get a sense of what they're about; fun, charity, and closing deals—having Lori and her team in your corner doesn't just give you access to one of the premier Real Estate teams in Denver. You get the knowledge and experience  Lori has gained in the industry and the knowledge she has shared with her team. Lori is no stranger to working hard and playing hard. Although Lori and her team stay busy year-round, they find time to give back and kick back. Cherry Creek Grill is a usual hang-out where Lori finds time to unwind and enjoy delicious food and drinks. No matter where you find them in the city, Lori, Dejerae and the entire Abbey Collection have become one of the premier brokerages to work with. Apart from their commitment to community, Lori has made sure that The Abbey Collection is comprised of knowledgable, talented agents who will always have your best interest in mind, If your compass is pointing you to or from Denver, Lori can help you find your new home.