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Lori Keelin Blessed to Blessing Boxes

A Beacon of Hope in Baldwin County

In the wake of Hurricane Sally, one woman’s compassion and determination sparked a movement that has touched the lives of countless individuals in need. Lori Keelin, founder of Blessed to Blessing Boxes and Hey Farms, has become a beacon of hope in Baldwin County and beyond. Through her selfless efforts and the support of an incredible community, Keelin has created a network of Blessing Boxes and partnered with local charities and businesses to provide essential items to those facing hardship. Her story is one of resilience, empathy, and a call to action for us all to make a difference in our local community. 

It all began with one simple mission: To give those in need what they truly needed. After Hurricane Sally left devastation in its wake, Keelin recognized that the community needed more than just food assistance. She saw the need for hygiene items, baby supplies, and other essential necessities that often go overlooked during times of crisis. With an unwavering determination to make a difference, Keelin created her first Blessing Box at The Rac in Robertsdale, AL. 

The concept behind the Blessing Boxes is beautifully simple yet powerful. These boxes, which can be found throughout Baldwin County and parts of Florida, are entirely volunteer based. People in need can discreetly take what they require, and those who have excess are encouraged to donate. The Blessing Boxes not only provide immediate relief but also foster a sense of community and compassion among neighbors. 

Since its humble beginnings, Blessed to Blessing Boxes has grown exponentially, thanks to the unwavering support of our caring community. The determination and dedication have resulted in hundreds of boxes across the county.

Keelin’s vision for Blessed to Blessing Boxes extends beyond simply providing essential items. She believes in addressing the deeper needs of those she and her team of volunteers serve. Recognizing that many individuals require additional assistance, Keelin has forged partnerships with local charities. Through these collaborations, she ensures that those in need have access to the resources and support they deserve. 

The impact of Keelin and her volunteers cannot be overstated. Her initiative has not only provided essential items to those in need but also inspired and encouraged the local community to rise up and continue reaching out. The Blessing Boxes have become a symbol of hope, resilience, and the power of collective action within our communities. 

The Blessing Boxes continue to touch the lives of hundreds each month who have found solace and support in their time of need. From struggling families to homeless individuals, The Blessing Boxes have become beacons of light, reminding us all of the importance of compassion and empathy. 

Keelin’s story is a heartfelt reminder that each one of us has the ability and power to make a significant difference in our community and lives of others. Her selflessness and dedication inspire us to look beyond our own needs and extend a helping hand to those facing adversity. Whether it’s through volunteering, donating essential items, or supporting local charities, we all have the ability to contribute positively to the lives of others. This incredible journey is our call to action for each of us who live here, love here, and shop here. Together, we can do great things. We hope that during this season of gratitude, we’ll see you around the community blessing these boxes and helping to continue the change for the better in the lives of others. 

Lil & Ash.

I saw a need and I made the decision to help. I had no idea it would turn into this!