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Lounging in Luxury

Enjoy a beautiful oasis right in your own backyard

As a luxury pool builder for over 40 years, Rondo Pools in Franklin has seen many changes take place in the industry. What hasn’t changed is the fact that backyard pools are a wonderful place where family and friends can gather together and have fun.

“It's a great way to make memories and it's a great way to have your family together,” says Dana Rondeau, co-owner of the company, along with her husband, Steve. “And today, due to changes in the real estate market, most buyers of high-end homes have come to expect a pool as one of the many included amenities.”

While the traditional and classic straight-line rectangle is now the most requested shape, extras such as water and fire features, tanning ledges with loungers, and offset raised spas turn this basic shape into something extraordinary.

“People love to sit in their backyards and listen to water features such as custom-made copper or stainless-steel scuppers,” she says. “And, fire and water bowls are probably our most popular add-on items. These can be made of concrete or copper and have fire plus a trough where water comes out at the same time.”

For the tanning ledge loungers, Rondo uses a company called Ledge Lounger. “A young kid out of Texas invented these chairs and they have taken over the market,” says Dana. “Since the original chaise lounge design, they've come out with every different shape for every depth of water. We put those on our tanning ledges, or what some people call swim shelves or Baja shelves, which 99% of our pools have these days.”

Slides are also still requested, but they’re not the typical large blue fiberglass slides of the past, which, while fun, were not aesthetically pleasing. “We generally incorporate them into a giant rock waterfall so they’re hidden,” she says.

Pool/spa automation is another very important feature. “With this, you have the ability to control your pool, whether you're in California or at home, through your phone,” says Dana. “It's connected through a network and everything's automated, so you can turn on fire and water features, change your pool lights, adjust your heater, and more.”

Another change over the years has been with the materials used to construct the pools. “Instead of gunite, we use a product called shotcrete,” she says. “It’s premixed and it's not as viscous so we can just shoot it from a big hose. This helps us avoid large equipment and trucks on the driveway).” They also use a product called PebbleSheen®, which adds a refined textured finish that is more durable and longer lasting than some others.

To go along with these amazing pools, another common request these days is for modern outdoor structures where families and friends can congregate. Many have fireplaces and grill areas for a complete outdoor living experience.

Rondo Pools can take care of every aspect of creating your very own backyard oasis from start to finish. “We have over 40 employees, including an in-house architect, designers and draftsman,” says Dana. “We use 3D software, so clients can get a very accurate visual of what their backyards are going to look like when everything is finished.”

Along with this helpful technology, Rondo will soon be opening its newly expanded design studio. “It's beautiful,” she says. “We’ve created an entire display center with two giant pools of different sizes, five different colors of water, various fire features and different water features.”

Dana and Steve have also begun meeting with, and have developed a great relationship with, other local pool builders they believe are the best of the best to learn from each other and provide even more amazing outcomes for their customers.

Experience matters, says Dana, especially in today's market. People need to do their due diligence when hiring a company and it's critical to get referrals. Another important thing to keep in mind when thinking about getting a pool is the necessity to start planning at least one year in advance.

To begin your journey towards your own luxury pool and enjoy a personal outdoor retreat right in your own backyard, go to And, to see many of Rondo’s incredible designs, go to @RondoPoolsTN on Instagram.

  • Photo by Jimi Smith Photography
  • Photo by Jimi Smith Photography