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Love and Cleanliness

With Priced Right Cleaning there is one, maybe two less things to worry about.

Jill Price doesn’t feel like she’s doing enough, when in fact, she does a lot. Since her move to Peachtree City 25 years ago, Jill’s free-spirited nature and servant’s heart have garnered her a beautiful and notable reputation in the community. Jill is a business owner, a member of the Peachtree City Rotary Club, a member of the Fayette Chamber of Commerce, and an active member of Holy Trinity Catholic Church. Jill’s creative uniqueness enhances her capacity to cultivate strong, meaningful relationships. The community, her employees, and her customers benefit from Jill's desire to give back.

Jill Price is the owner of Priced Right Cleaning, a residential and commercial cleaning service. The business is celebrating more than 10 years of making a positive difference in the lives of the people it serves. Customer testimonials boast superior service compared to other cleaning services, as well as punctuality, friendliness, and a high degree of professionalism. It is no wonder Priced Right Cleaning was voted The Best Cleaning Service in Fayette and Coweta, four years in a row.

Jill was the middle child of seven. Her mother kept an impeccable home - dirt-free, dust-free, and clutter-free while raising Jill and her six siblings. Jill’s mother had many friends in the neighborhood they lived in, as well as from prayer groups and local charities. Jill recalls, “Mom was also an example of giving back. Every year at Thanksgiving we would feed the homeless.”

When Jill’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, Jill witnessed her mother’s resilience in the face of adversity. “Who was going to keep the house clean?” Her mother battled cancer for a long time. It was stressful, and the circumstances that ensued left an indelible impression on Jill, shaping her values and guiding her philanthropic efforts.

Jill’s upbringing gives her a deep appreciation for the significance a clean and tidy home has on an individual’s quality of life. Priced Right Cleaning cares about each individual customer and the community at large. The company actively participates in “Cleaning for a Reason” and donates free services for women who have breast cancer. Jill affirms, “I understand what they need.” Cleaners from Priced Right Cleaning go to homes and develop relationships with those battling cancer. It’s a beautiful thing. Customers get a clean house and a new friend. “We send the same person to your home all the time.”

Jill loves people and enjoys spending time with some of the senior residents at Arbor Terrace, where her father-in-law resided for six years. “They need company. Many of them eat alone.” She sometimes does facials for them, a skill she learned during her time in cosmetology school. Jill is an artist and finds joy in teaching them art as well. “We take care of our employees. We take care of the community. We take care of the ladies who are going through breast cancer treatments.”

Jill feels a special connection with her employees. Currently, Priced Right Cleaning has 15 employees, and Jill has a personal relationship with each of them. She feels blessed to be able to provide jobs and other benefits and opportunities for them. Jill feels a calling towards women at different stages of life and meets them where they are. Retention is high at Priced Right Cleaning, as the staff would attest to Jill’s selfless, caring, generous nature.

"We take care of our employees. We take care of the community."

  • The Priced Right Cleaning team with Jill (right)